Downtown Business Spotlight – SLO Yoga Center

SLOYogaCenter copySLO Yoga Center
Andrew Stackhouse, Co-owner and Yoga Instructor
672 Higuera Street

Nestled amongst Higuera Street shops lies a space meant to replenish the mind and body. With high energy and happy vibes, the SLO Yoga Center unites all yoga lovers of different ages.  It is a relaxing and expressive place that allows San Luis Obispo locals to dive into the practice of foundational yoga.  This foundational yoga is “true yoga,” basing all of its teachings on methods from India, where yoga originates. It does not solely focus on conditioning the body but incorporates meditation techniques meant to satisfy and strengthen the mind.

The founder of Manduka Mats originally established SLO Yoga Center in 1991. It moved several locations around San Luis Obispo, until in 2014 it settled on 672 Higuera Street with new owners. Having recently moved from Seattle, Andrew and Stephanie Stackhouse were looking to open their own studio and when the opportunity to buy SLO Yoga Center arose, they fully committed. Stephanie quit her job with Microsoft to help her husband pursue his dream of owning a studio. Having worked as a yoga instructor for the past few years in Seattle, Andrew gained a passion for the art of yoga.

Before Andrew became a yoga instructor, he had a very diverse background. Andrew grew up in Marin County and attended college at Cal Poly where he studied Environmental Biology. After graduating, Andrew acquired a variety of jobs ranging from construction to teaching middle school special education. However, yoga became his true calling and he decided to further pursue a career in the art.

In addition to traditional yoga, SLO Yoga Center offers a variety of classes, workshops and activities. They are the only studio in San Luis Obispo offering aerial yoga and SUP yoga. Aerial yoga uses hammocks as a tool for conditioning. The hammocks are mainly used to assist in inversions. Their SUP yoga classes are offered in Morro Bay where students are able to learn more about the practice of yoga and their bodies on stand-up paddleboards. This practice is meant to allow individuals to learn more about the way their muscles engage, while enjoy a peaceful scenery.

The SLO Yoga Center also loves to incorporate music into their vinyasa flow. A few of their classes are paired with live music. A live band collaborates with the yoga instructor to provide a unique and more enjoyable yoga experience. The studio also offers DJ nights and ecstatic dancing, which gives community members the opportunity to engage in free form dancing led by a DJ.

SLO Yoga Studio provides a welcoming culture that attracts a variety of people. No matter a person’s age, skill level or lifestyle, SLO Yoga Center is a place for everyone to unite under a common passion for yoga. Co-owner Andrew Stackhouse says “Our staff have a variety of different personalities from free spirits to type A’s but regardless everyone has a passion for yoga.”

Visit SLO Yoga online at or their studio in Downtown SLO.

Written By: Julia Tettamanzi

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