Downtown Ambassadors

Our Downtown Ambassadors work together with SLO Police Department in making sure the Downtown area is safe. The team also welcomes tourists to the area, communicates with business owners and staff, and keeps our streets clean.  Downtown Ambassadors are dressed in brightly colored red shirts with the “Downtown Ambassador” logo on it. You can reach the Ambassadors via the hotline (805) 458-5153.


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  • Jennifer


    Hey Slo Ambassadors I can’t seem to find you phone number. I am having at situation behind our store with a little homeless camp being set up and I want to know if there is something you guys think should be done about it.
    Feel Free to call me at the store 805-543-6662
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    • Mukta Naran


      Hi Jennifer,

      This seems like an issue more for SLO PD. You can reach them at 781-7312. However, for future our SLO Ambassadors can be reached at 805-458-5153.


  • sue @BAnthony Jewelers


    We have a pile of belongings which were dumped at our back door. We would like an ambassador to come by and deal with this. Looks like possibly some bag was stolen, rumaged through and left. This is at our creek/gate in the rear.
    Thank you!


    • Zoya Dixon


      Hi Sue, Thanks for your note! I would call our Ambassador Austin directly at (805) 458-5153 and he can help you with your clean up needs.


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San Luis Obispo Downtown Association

1108 Garden Street, Suite 210
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 541-0286
Fax: (805) 781-2647

(805) 458-5153

Old SLO Trolley

Trolley service is provided from both of the parking structures and at convenient locations within the Downtown core approximately every 15 minutes. The fare is 50 cents. Hours of operation are:

  • Thursdays - 5 PM to 9 PM - Year Round
  • Fridays - 5 PM to 9 PM - June-Labor Day
  • Saturday - 5 PM to 9 PM - April - October

Click here for the Trolley and City bus schedule.