What’s Happening Around Downtown in September?

Dominic_MissionWritten by: Executive Director Dominic Tartaglia

I remember the morning of September 11th, 2001 just as clearly as it was yesterday and not 14 years ago. At that point I was preparing for a world history class with the news announcements stating that two commercial jet liners had collided with the World Trade Center, then two more jets crashed. It was immediately clear that our country was under attack and the raw emotion of seeing the footage looped repeatedly over the television is something that I will never forget. Nor will I forget the sadness, anger and extreme patriotism I felt, all at the same time. Those recollections and emotions are shared by many of us and are undoubtedly much stronger for people more immediately affected by the tragedy than by a small town kid from across the country, yet this event was so significant that it affected people from around the world.

flag_in_mission_plazaLater that morning I remember sitting in our world history class watching the news development with my fellow students confused about how this happened, why somebody would do this and who would do something so horrific. We sat together in class, united and deeply concerned about the safety of our nation. That morning cast a dark cloud over our country that has lingered ever since. A cloud filled with fear of future attacks and a campaign to end terrorism globally. Politically the war on terror has been controversial but the reality is that there is an ongoing war on terrorism both domestically and overseas. September 11th will forever be a day that we honor the lives lost and sacrificed on that day and our Downtown Association will pay our respects this year with a special ceremony at Concerts in the Plaza on September 11th.

At the beginning of the last concert of the year we will have a silent observance and a presentation of colors in honor of the lives taken needlessly and sacrificed selflessly in the attacks. Join us as we reflect on the freedom that we as a country are afforded at great cost and stand proud with your fellow Americans. After the ceremony we will conduct a regular concert as we always have, as a showing of gratitude to the Americans that protect us each day.

As a proud American I am forever grateful for the men and women that work to keep us safe both at home and abroad so that our great nation can continue to have successful businesses, enjoy live music and come together in public places without fear of persecution. While writing this article I have recalled the events of that day in my mind and to this day it amazes me that so many emotions still affect me. On September 11th I encourage our businesses Downtown and across the country to fly the colors of our beloved country, if you do not fly them everyday already. Never Forget.

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