Downtown Perspective

Pierre Rademaker is not only a good friend of mine but a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the history of Downtown San Luis Obispo. On a March afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting with Pierre in his office (located in the historic Johnson Building) while he provided an insider’s perspective on the Downtown Concept Plan. While sitting in his office I could not help but notice that this was the perfect setting to hear the story of such a unique document.

There are several upstairs offices in the Johnson Building but Rademaker has the corner office and the panoramic view that goes with it. When you enter his office one of the most stunning features is an arch in the middle of the room and numerous designs, sketches and campaign button logos contrast the exposed brick walls. This office is certainly dedicated to preserving history and on that day I learned the arch was a promise to Les Neman (owner of the building until his recent passing) to preserve the historic character of this building. The only thing that can trump the beauty of the design of this office is the view out the windows that overlook the corner of Chorro and Higuera Streets.