Downtown Construction Projects Update

marsh_street_lane_closureThe left lane on Marsh Street between Garden and Broad streets has been closed to traffic due to the continuing construction of the Hotel Serra project. Vehicles will not be allowed to use metered parking space in that area. However, a temporary crosswalk has been installed, in addition to the already existing permanent pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of Broad Street and Marsh Street.  All businesses including Len Collective, Bluebird Salon, San Luis Traditions and T-Mobile will remain open during this construction period.

The continuing construction of the new SLO Brew on Higuera Street will be blocked to pedestrians between Frog and Peach Pub and The Gold Concept until next Thursday, June 9th.   Also, on the rear side of the project site near the creek, pedestrian access has been closed. Signage has been placed to re-route pedestrians to neighboring businesses.