Downtown Perspective: Tails Pet Boutique

In my line of work, it is not uncommon to find yourself either staring into the depths of a computer monitor—or if you’re lucky—out talking to the business owners and guests of Downtown. Many times the conversations are candid: on the sidewalk or in a business, spirited and always inspiring in one way or another. When I first met Shelley Stuckey, Puprietor of Tails Pet Boutique Downtown and Doggie Salon and Spa on Tank Farm Road, I got the sense that there would be more great conversations to be had in the course of walking around Downtown SLO. Sure enough, I am lucky to run into her often. Through frequent encounters I have learned that she is doing some amazing work in Downtown and is just getting warmed up. I knew we had to sit down for an interview.

This month you will get a chance to listen to our complete conversation about Tails Pet Boutique and Shelley’s commitment to this community. She reveals that she came to the Central Coast after years of corporate work in social services, and after spending some time raising her daughter, felt the timing was right to jump back into the working world. How did she come to choose the 70 billion dollar boutique pet industry? Take a listen to hear how she left the corporate world in exchange for owning not just one but two family owned and operated businesses and how she views the importance of local economy.

For those of you wondering if Shelley transferred over her aptitude for social work: she absolutely did, and continues to help our Downtown community members that need help the most. Shelley explains her persistence in helping the pets of the local transient population: her story of helping a dog named Cooper get lifesaving attention for an inhaled foxtail will undoubtedly pull at your heartstrings. Her community-first attitude toward business is a model shared by some of our most well known and beloved Downtown businesses. Her involvement has led to many of our locals recognizing her as the always smiling “Puprietor” in the heart of Downtown
San Luis Obispo.

When asked about her one message that she would share with the world, she responded, “Come Downtown to shop local, to support your local brick and mortar businesses… Think about how much further the money from your purchase goes in the community.” A lot of the money that her business earns is turned back, philanthropically, into the community to support local schools and charities. To Shelley, the benefits of being a part of the community and happiness of coming Downtown far outweigh the costs of walking an extra block for paid parking or other challenges of doing business in an urban environment. I could not have said it better myself and that is exactly why I encourage you to take a listen to my sit down with Shelley Stuckey, Puprietor of Tails Pet Boutique and hear it straight from her right here.