Jules D.

Downtown Perspective: Jules D.

Sometimes, when I am trying to line up an interview for the Downtown Perspective, I find that the most interesting people to sit down with also happen to be the busiest. Jules DuRocher is one of those women. I have been trying to get an interview with her for a while, which is funny since we see each other in meetings almost weekly. At long last, Jules and I sat down to talk about her love for Downtown San Luis Obispo, Jules D. the shop, and her philosophy on Peace, Love and Gratitude.

Jules moved to Atascadero as a 16-year-old girl from Riverside and quickly learned about Aggie culture and adapting to a smaller community. Over the years she would visit San Luis Obispo and explore Downtown while building up her wardrobe. She would come over the Cuesta Grade with her friends and make a day of visiting local shops and grabbing a drink at Linnaea’s Café to be a part of the fun scene the café is known for. Later in life Jules worked as an interior designer and put in years in the industry before coming to a point where she was burned out. That’s when Jules took what she calls her “career walk about” and found herself working in the Ducati and Vespa dealership on Monterey Street (now home to iFixit) and working with people. That was her inspiration to find a way to work with people directly and eventually Jules D.

As the owner of a men’s retail boutique in Downtown San Luis Obispo, I pressed Jules for her perception on the changes in our neighborhood, and I love her answer. She refers back to the day when she was growing up with department stores and small shops and cafes, and the poetry and art scene and compares that to today’s freelance culture that we find in some of the same cafes, certainly in the new ones. There are changes that she notices—but at the core of it—Downtown is still the center where people like to be. There is a Downtown San Luis Obispo experience!

Jules is all about experiences. In our interview she elaborates on the Jules D. experience that men have when they walk into her shop and is adamant that the shop is exclusively for men. She is passionate about curating her products of high quality with that cool factor that guys want. More importantly, her objective is to have guys leave her shop feeling confident in their appearance and feeling good. She encourages men to come in and ditch the baggy dad jeans that they have been living in and take home a pair of jeans that will turn heads. Once you have a pair of proper fitting jeans, you won’t go back to the dad jeans: “You’re gonna look good. I love converting those guys.”

To get the whole Jules D. story, listen to the podcast and try not to laugh as you listen to her talk about her daily mantras: they’re a direct reflection of her attitude and work ethic. If you want to see her work ethic and style in action, stop by Jules D. at 672 Higuera Street in Downtown San Luis Obispo.