Christine Brown

Written Docs

“I can’t believe somebody does this!” is a response that Christine Brown gets a lot when speaking about her business, Written Docs, which provides resume writing, technical writing for business documents, and multimedia production services. And she’s good at it, too: the proliferation of 5-star reviews on Yelp for her business attest to her attention to detail, work ethic, and bubbly personality. Christine has ample experience in technical writing and resume services: prior to starting her own business, Christine was a Senior Labor Consultant for the County of San Luis Obispo and negotiated labor agreements and contracts for hundreds of employees. A Cal Poly grad and Central Coast native, Christine got her degree in Pre-Law and English and also received certifications for technical writing and resume writing. After starting a family and needing a change of pace, Christine decided to open Written Docs, and has had her office on the second floor overlooking Higuera Street for nearly four years now. Her work entails not only editing and writing resumes but writing company Requests for Proposal (RFP), business plans, website content, and more. Christine is truly passionate about her work, stating that RFPs are her “bailiwick” and that she enjoys the research that it takes to produce a promotional, easy to read, and audience-focused document. She also says that she sees her work as contributing to the greater community: “I truly love SLO and the Central Coast and I feel that, in a little way, I’m making a contribution to this great town, and that is something that I find fulfilling and uplifting.” What’s her advice to businesses and job hunters out there? Specifics sell, and look at your content with a marketing perspective. “It’s one thing to deliver information; it’s another thing to deliver information in an aesthetically pleasing, high-impact way.” Learn more about Christine and her company at

Written Docs
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