Kick-It Points

Get outside, grab your friends, and start claiming deals with Kick-it Points. This is what Brett Foreman, Kick-it Points Founder, wants for his users. Through this app, users earn deals at local businesses by performing real-world activities. For example, Pita Pit offers a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal on any $6 Pita – but you must hike Madonna Peak to claim it. Or, you can claim the Breakfast Buzz BOGO deal on their Buzz Burrito, but you will need to workout at the Cal Poly Recreation Center first. In this way, users are motivated to be active and social in the real world, then rewarded in a tangible way.
Oversaturated with social media, Foreman felt it was too easy for people to be inactively “active” and unsociably “social”. “We’re overly connected,” Foreman explained, “essentially connected to nothing as a result.” To counter this trend, Foreman wanted to bring the real world aspect back to social media. He envisions Kick-it Points as a tool for facilitating activities among friends and connecting those friends with local businesses. He pictures users discovering a deal, spending time together claiming the deal, then extending their time together redeeming it. With over 1,000 users in just two and a half months, Foreman is ecstatic to see his vision being realized. As a recent Cal Poly graduate, he owes much of his success to the resources at the SLO HotHouse, which he refers to as a “Human Google”. He also owes credit to the real Google, which he used to teach himself how to code. Kick-it Points sees even more growth on the horizon, quickly expanding to include merchants from wellness, retail, outdoors/activities, and entertainment, in addition to food. If business owners would like to hop-in on Kick-it Points, it is free for merchants to join until May. Always free for users, look for the kangaroo logo and download Kick-it Points now. There is no time like the present to bound into the world with your friends and get rewarded for doing so. Let’s kick-it!

Kick-it Points
Brett Foreman, Founder
872 Higuera Street

Kat Thompson
Author: Kat Thompson