MO’s Smokehouse BBQ

After twelve long months of renovation, MO’s Smokehouse BBQ has returned! Since 1994, MO’s has served their award winning barbecue in Downtown San Luis Obispo. After moving to their current location in 2007, MO’s was ready to make the space their own. Thanks to Sean Kain, from Kain Building and Design Group, the restaurant now sports charcoal-starter lighting fixtures and wine barrel wood counters, as well as MO’s signature “pig on a surfboard”. In homage to its roots, original antique chairs from Mo’s cross-country journey hang from the ceiling. (Read about Mo’s 3,500-mile excursion through the “BBQ Belt” on their website.) Advocates for simplicity, MO’s serves heartwarming homemade food, sticking to their four original barbeque recipes. The menu continues to be filled with fan favorites, including their famous pulled-pork sandwich and 1st place winning pork ribs. There is, however, one new menu addition: a hearty and delicious MO’s Mac ‘N’ Cheese. A Thursday night regular, MO’s BBQ was actually one of the original Farmers’ Market participants. They offer a condensed menu at The Market with the tri-tip sandwich taking the stage as a crowd favorite. A close second would be their market special, baked potatoes! General Manager, Nancy Snyder adores being a part of The Market and feels it is an integral part of being Downtown. She sends her thanks to Downtown SLO and MO’s loyal customers for their support at The Market while they renovated. “The Farmers’ Market truly kept us in touch with everyone, and our excitement was shared every week about our re-opening,” Nancy said. She believes local businesses make up the heart and soul of Downtown and hope others share that sentiment. Support a local business and leave chanting “MO BBQ Please!” at MO’s Smokehouse BBQ on Sunday-Wednesday 11 AM – 9 PM or Thursday-Saturday 11AM – 10 PM.

MO’s Smokehouse BBQ
Nancy Snyder, General Manager
1005 Monterey Street
(805) 544-6193

Kat Thompson
Author: Kat Thompson