Acacia Productions

Acacia Productions is a new creative company located Downtown, that serves hundreds of small businesses through marketing and brand consulting. Owner, Cameron Ingalls’ journey of starting his third creative productions business, Acacia Productions, is a story stemming from his desire to serve.

Ingalls first began photography when he took his mother’s point and shoot camera while embarking on a Missions trip to eight countries in Europe. He found a love for the inspiring process of capturing people and developing photos. His first camera, which he used to take photos for the yearbook at Paso Robles High School, was passed down to him from his grandfather. However, his “hobby” of photography soon ended after his grandfather’s camera started to leak light, ruining his photos during his photography class at Cuesta College. But destiny has a way of finding you, as one day Ingalls came home to a brand new Cannon Rebel sitting on his table with a note saying, “God told me to buy this for you.” Ingalls did not understand why his friend would gift him such a gift for a hobby, but over time began to see how photography was to be his source of service to the people around him.

Ingalls’ love for photography continued to grow and Cameron Ingalls Photography began after a friend asked Ingalls to shoot their wedding. Ingalls found a whole new passion for photography and over the years wondered if he could support himself with photography. Ingalls took a leap of faith and decided to quit his job as a behavioral therapist at the Family Care Network to pursue photography full time. Now, Ingalls currently owns three business all located in his Downtown office: Cameron Ingalls Photography, The Wedding Standard, and the new Acacia Productions, named after his six month old baby girl.

Balancing three businesses is not an easy task but Ingalls said, “I love business and I love serving people, but I don’t want to lose sight of serving my family first and people ask me how I do it all. I delegate, I train up and I find people that are a great fit for partnerships.” Ingalls’ nephew, David Delmore, is one of those people. Ingalls would drive to Nipomo and pick up his fifteen-year-old nephew and drive him to SLO to work with him until he could drive himself. Ingalls’ nephew has long passed the training stage and now edits all the videos done through Ingalls’ businesses, making up one of the three-member team.

With his nephew’s help and the help of Breneé English taking on community and content producing with The Wedding Standard, Acacia productions has been made possible. Acacia Productions was formed to tell passionate and authentic brands’ stories and continue to serve clients and Ingalls’ family during the wedding off-season.

Ingalls is passionate about making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, whether it is someone’s wedding day or telling the story of their brand. He works hard to capture the substance of who a person is; he “wants the real thing.” Ingalls elaborates, “All I care about is creating art and making beauty and serving people really well and if I get to do that I am really stoked.” Ingalls loves seeing people Downtown and being able to sit down and grab coffee or some lunch. If you see Cameron around Downtown, feel free to introduce yourself and say hi or stop by his office at 846 Higuera St. #4 to see how he can be of service to you, capturing your next memory.

Acacia Productions
Cameron Ingalls, Owner
846 Higuera Street #4

Kat Thompson
Author: Kat Thompson