Cider Bar

The new Cider Bar located in The Creamery is now serving house made cider, beer and wine – as well as selections from across the globe. Co-owners Kevin McLaughlin and Roy Bruder formed the idea when the partners met at Spike’s Pub and saw an opportunity in the cider industry.

Cider Bar’s house ciders are unique in that they are made with an unfiltered, whole fruit, open top fermentation technique that adds texture and layers to the finished product. McLaughlin, the head wine and cider maker, learned this technique after moving to Paso Robles from San Francisco for the burgeoning wine industry several years ago.

After traveling extensively and tasting beer and wine in 75 countries, co-owner Bruder has curated his finds with 25 taps, 100 types of wines, and 160 beers and ciders. This will be no ordinary tap wall:  as McLaughlin said, “80% of what we have chosen is either weird or special… or something we have always had our eyes on.” Their most unique selection is a Belgian-style wild red ale with a double cherry tart flavor. They have 30 different Belgian style beers alone, enticing beer geeks from all over the county to come try their varied selections.

Cider Bar is a 1,700 square foot space with a generous patio in the newly remodeled Creamery. They have recently hired a very accomplished chef and have an interesting menu of small plates.

Cider Bar is located at 570 Higuera Street Suite #101. They are open Monday through Friday at 4:00PM and Saturday and Sunday at 1:00PM.

Cider Bar
Kevin McLaughlin & Roy Bruder, Co-owners
570 Higuera Street Suite #101



Kat Thompson
Author: Kat Thompson