Claire M Corcoran, Attorney at Law

Claire M Corcoran, Attorney at Law
Business: Claire M Corcoran, Attorney at Law

Claire Corcoran has been practicing law in San Luis Obispo for over 16 years, prior to which she worked as an attorney with large law firms in Los Angeles. Her goal is to provide quality legal advice and representation that is tailored to the client’s needs and objectives. If you need an attorney in San Luis Obispo, California, or are wondering if you do in fact need an attorney, please do not hesitate to call today. We are a general practice, emphasizing the practice areas listed below. If you are unsure whether your legal problem or issue comes within any of these areas, please call us at (805) 541-3260.

Address: 979 Osos Street. Suite C2
Phone: (805) 541-3260