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19SIX Architects
Address: 560 Higuera Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 476-0399
Address: 692 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 543-1331
A French Touch Parisian Skincare Salon
Address: 1023 Nipomo Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 785-0340
A Heart’s Desires Bridal
Address: 749 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 771-5683
Abercrombie & Fitch
Address: 980 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 541-2704
Active Church
Address: 1035 Monterey St.
Phone: (805) 250-6483
Adobe Realty
Address: 964 Chorro Street Suite 1
Phone: (805) 543-2693
Ambiance Clothing Boutique
Address: 737 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 540-3380
Ambient Communities Central Coast LLC
Address: 979 Osos Street Suite E
Phone: (805) 439-3459
American Riviera Bank
Address: 1085 Higuera Street Suite 110
Phone: (805) 540-6230
Anastasia Fine Jewelry
Address: 751 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 458-7246
Anderson Barber Shop
Address: 953 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 543-4334
Anderson Commercial Real Estate
Address: 798 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 543-1400
Antique Boutique
Address: 1019 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 541-4760
Apothecary Tattoo
Address: 578 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 752-1035
Apple Store Higuera Street
Address: 899 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 542-8803
Apropos Clothing Boutique
Address: 1021 Morro Street
Phone: (805) 784-0664
Arigato Sushi LLC
Address: 667 Marsh Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 439-4408
Arrona Financial Real Estate Lending
Address: 599 Higuera Street Suite F
Phone: (805) 544-0160
Address: 860 Pacific Street Suite 103
Phone: (805) 783-1010
Ascendo Coffee
Address: 974 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 345-2155
Ashley Ludaescher Photography
Address: 793 Higuera Street Suite 5
Phone: (805) 748-5823
Assistance League of SLO County Thrift Store
Address: 667A Marsh Street
Category: ,

Shop with a Purpose

Proceeds from Assistance League of San Luis Obispo County’s Thrift Store go directly to support our philanthropic programs, so every purchase you make or donation you give is helping us improve the lives of less fortunate students throughout San Luis Obispo County.
Great Reputation, Quality Merchandise and Friendly Member Volunteers!
New merchandise is added daily, so visit us today.

Phone: (805) 782-0824
AT & T (Spring Mobile)
Address: 760 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 329-5591
Athleta #3404
Address: 879 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 595-1846
Aurignac & Associates
Address: 762 Higuera Street Suite 201
Phone: (805) 783-1000
Address: 796 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 544-6441
B. Anthony & Co. Jewelers
Address: 674 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 544-8988
Banana Republic
Address: 990 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-2318
Bank of the Sierra
Address: 500 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 541-0400
Barnes & Noble
Address: 894 Marsh Street Bldg G
Phone: (805) 781-8334
Barrelhouse Brewing Co.
Address: 1033 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 439-4600
Basalt Interiors
Address: 766 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 439-1104
Address: 1108 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 458-8159
Bath & Body Works
Address: 842 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 788-0332
Baxter Moerman Jewelry
Address: 1128 Garden Street
Phone: (805) 801-9117
Beverly’s Fabric & Crafts
Address: 876 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-6433
Big Sky Cafe
Address: 1121 Broad Street

Every year our local San Luis Obispo County farm resources deepen and improve. We have an ever-expanding palate of organic fruits and vegetables, farmstead cheeses, olive oils, and vintage vinegars to create our fresh market dishes.

This allows us to fill the Big Sky Café menu with unique combinations of foods and spices, with much of it devoted to vegetarian dishes.

Phone: (805) 545-5401
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Bishop Peak Technology LLC
Address: 1304 Garden Street
Phone: (805) 394-8626
Black Sheep Bar & Grill
Address: 1117 Chorro Street

Day or night, a visit to Black Sheep Bar & Grill is always a wonderful experience where the ambiance and decor of a true European pub is recreated right here in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo.

We feature comfortable booths, brick walls with warm wood accents, a gorgeous hand crafted bar and fireplace with a lovely patio, where you can have delicious lunch, dinner, or cocktails 365 days a year.

Established in 2005, Black Sheep has received multiple awards for its Mac and cheese, and been acclaimed as serving the best bar food in the entire San Luis Obispo County. Voted THE Best Bar in San Luis Obispo for the past several years, Black Sheep Bar & Grill has become one of the unavoidable landmarks of the central coast where you’re always welcome to come in.

Our casual atmosphere, friendly staff, beautiful decor, savory food and cocktails, are just what you need to feel empowered to go tackle the world again. Please come see for yourself what the fuss is all about ... and become part of the ever growing Black Sheep family!

Phone: (805) 544-7433
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BlackHorse Espresso & Bakery
Address: 1493 Higuera Street

We've been serving up delicious hand-crafted coffee and fresh-made baked goods in San Luis Obispo since 1995.

Phone: (805) 783-1300
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Address: 705 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-2900
Blakeslee & Blakeslee
Address: 1101 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 543-4366
Blast 825 Taproom
Address: 733 Higuera Street

Custom Wood Fired Pizza · Farm to Table Salads · 40+ Local Craft Beer/Wine/Mixed Cocktails Self Tap Tap Handles

Phone: (805) 748-3962
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Bliss Cafe
Address: 778 Higuera Street Suite D

Bliss Cafe offers a creek-side retreat and a variety of high-quality plant-based and gluten-free dishes. Every meal features fresh, local and organic ingredients to nourish your body and spirit. For an energizing treat, indulge in a nutrient-rich dessert or a glass of locally-brewed kombucha on tap. Bring a friend, bring a book, or just bring an appetite for Bliss.

Phone: (805) 547-0108
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Address: 774 Marsh Street Suite 120
Phone: (805) 441-1564
Bluebird Salon
Address: 742 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 593-0234
Address: 949 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 329-3191
Boo Boo Records
Address: 978 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 541-0657

Brasserie SLO at Hotel Cerro serves modern coastal cuisine with a particular emphasis on creating a casual French dining experience, not without venturing into other exciting flavors and ingredients. Our mainstay dishes utilize ingredients sourced from the abundant agricultural life on the Central Coast, along with produce from our own Edible Gardens.

Address: 979 Osos Street Suite A4
Phone: (805) 544-4232
British Sports Cars
Address: 640 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 544-2277
Bronze Sun Spa
Address: 667 Marsh Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 439-3354
Brow Ink
Address: 1075 Court Street Suite 201
Phone: (805) 801-3132
Brown Butter Cookie Company
Address: 1003 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 541-2525
Buffalo Pub & Grill
Address: 717 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 544-5515
Bukachevsky Center for Facial Rejuvenation
Address: 1288 Morro Street Suite 120
Phone: (805) 781-3800
Bull’s Tavern
Address: 1040 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 543-2217
Buona Tavola
Address: 1037 Monterey Street

Buona Tavola's menu features a wide variety of antipasti (appetizers), hand crafted pastas, generous main courses and truly inspired desserts, such as Chef Varia's famous tirami su.

Phone: (805) 545-8000
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Burger Village SLO
Address: 698 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 439-1663
Buschur Realty
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 204
Phone: (805) 541-3536
Cage Clothing
Address: 786 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 308-4261
Cal Poly Downtown
Address: 767 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 756-7960
California Pizza Kitchen
Address: 876 Marsh Street Unit E
Phone: (805) 784-0790
Phone: (805) 544-2273
Caltec Computers
Address: 560 Higuera Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 546-9976
Captain Bill’s Subs SLO
Address: 1074 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 783-1074
Captain Nemo Games
Address: 565 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 544-6366
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 204 ownes: 895 Monterey 1009 Morro & Others
Phone: (805) 541-0178
Catherine Currie LCSW
Address: 684 Higuera Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 542-9024
Address: 582 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 781-9516
Center For Innovation And Entrepreneurship
Address: 872 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 756-5171
Central Coast Pediatrics
Address: 1235 Osos Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 549-0888
Central Coast Realty Group
Address: 1015 Nipomo Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 782-6005
Central Coast Surfboards
Address: 855 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 541-1129
Central Coast Wealth Management
Address: 1104 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 439-0391
Central Coast Wines
Address: 712 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 784-9463
Century 21 Hometown Realty
Address: 599 Higuera Street Suite A
Phone: (805) 541-1921
Charles Schwab & Company Inc.
Address: 733 Marsh Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 788-0502
Christian Science Reading Room
Address: 1023 Nipomo Street Suite 120
Phone: (805) 543-0759
Cider Bar LLC
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 101
Phone: (805) 439-4368
Address: 1051 Nipomo Street
Phone: (805) 547-1111
City of San Luis Obispo
Address: 990 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 781-7164
Clever Ducks
Address: 1313 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 543-1930
Coast Hills Federal Credit Union
Address: 751 Marsh Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 733-7604
Coastal Family Dermatology
Address: 990 Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 544-5567
Address: 1015 Nipomo Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 782-6000
Compass Financial Planning LLC
Address: 1075 Court Street Suite 206
Phone: (805) 888-1597
Cormant Inc.
Address: 669 Pacific Street Suite D
Phone: (805) 747-4178
Couch Potato Home Accents and Furniture
Address: 595 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 544-7491
County of San Luis Obispo
Address: 1055 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 781-5450
CoVelop Inc.
Address: 1135 Santa Rosa Street Suite 210
Phone: (805) 781-3133
Cowboy Cookie ‘n Grub
Address: 778 Higuera Street Suite A

Cowboy Cookie N’ Grub began over 30 years ago. From the start, our rustic store and traditional cookies became San Luis Obispo’s favorite treats. Using the same gourmet recipes and the freshest all natural ingredients, the bakers at the Higuera Street store have enticed new cookie enthusiasts and returning loyalists alike.

Phone: (805) 788-0212
Creeky Tiki Island Grill
Address: 782 Higuera Street

Creeky Tiki uses fresh, local ingredients to prepare delicious food with flair. We offer a full bar, half a dozen beers on draft as well as a dog friendly patio with a full bar outside!

Phone: (805) 544-2200
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CRSA Architecture
Address: 890 Monterey Street Suite A

CRSA Architecture is a long-established and highly successful architecture firm located in beautiful downtown San Luis Obispo, California. We have earned a reputation as a firm capable of delivering innovative design while respecting time and budget. Our professional services include feasibility studies, programming, space planning, architecture, interior design, and landscape design. Our long list of repeat clients is testament to our creativity, dedication and flexibility.

Phone: (805) 544-3380
Address: 717 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 547-9885
Address: 1023 Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 543-3350
Address: 669 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-5814
Address: 1042 Pacific Street Suite E
Phone: (617) 413-7311
Address: 684 Higuera Street Suite C-1
Phone: (805) 545-9441
Address: 863-A Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 781-3550
Devin Stewart Professional Dental Corporation
Address: 881 Pacific Street

Devin Stewart Dental Practice offers everything from general dentistry to full mouth reconstructive dentistry including; implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, All-on-4 prosthesis, Invisalign, Sleep Apnea, Cerec (CAD/CAM technology) and TMJ management. Following the completion of a comprehensive oral examination, Dr. Stewart will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan aimed at addressing your chief concern. As a Prosthodontist, Dr. Stewart has an extensive training in oral biology, materials, bioengineering/biomechanics and their applications in dentistry. She will use her knowledge of these principles and blend them in an artful way to provide you with a beautiful and functional outcome.

Phone: (805) 543-2887
District 96 Salon
Address: 1043 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-9996
Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab
Address: 860 Higuera Street

Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream & Chocolate Lab features handcrafted fine chocolate and super-premium ice cream in a unique Old-fashioned, neighborhood parlor experience.

Phone: (805) 548-1986
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Downtown Baby
Address: 1250 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 440-2709
Downtown Centre Cinemas 7
Address: 888 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 546-8667
Dr. Cain’s Comics and Games
Address: 778 Marsh Street Suite 110

Dr. Cain's Comics and Games. The finest in words with pictures. Always buying comics, top dollar paid!

Phone: (805) 441-7521
Address: 863 Monterey Street

Located in beautiful Downtown, San Luis Obispo, EcoBambino’s brick-colored storefront stands out on historic Monterey Street. The 2,500 square-foot space with its squeaky hardwood floor, is filled with natural and eco-friendly products for children.

At EcoBambino, we strive to enrich children’s lives with products that support healthy growth, and inspire thinking, learning, and creativity. We believe in creating a healthy environment for children, while also working to preserve our planet.

The products we carry in our store have been carefully selected using a list of criteria. We examine brands from many angles in hopes of selecting a well-rounded assortment of products to fit into a range of product categories such as Baby Gear, Feeding Supplies, Clothing, Bedding, Toys, Diapering, Furniture, and more. To give you an idea of what we mean, here are some possible questions we ask about a product and its manufacturer before bringing it into our store.
Product: Is it made from natural and renewable materials? Where is it made? Is it free from known harmful chemicals and exceed safety standards? Is it innovative and educational? Does it have longevity (grow with the family?) Is it made in an environmentally safe and responsible way?
Manufacturer: What certifications do they have? How socially responsible are they? Do they work to preserve our planet through financial contribution or other sustainable practices? Do they give back to community organizations?

We care about the products filling our shelves, but we also care deeply about the families who visit our store. We value our customers and want to give them a positive, memorable shopping experience, whether through our website or in person.

Phone: (805) 540-7222
Edward Jones
Address: 1042 Palm Street Suite 100

Edward Jones serves nearly 7 million investors from more offices than any other investment firm in America. We attribute a great deal of our success to our principles and personal, long-term approach to investing.

We have consistently been ranked among the best companies to work for by FORTUNE magazine, and our employees tend to stay with us for years. As a privately owned company, Edward Jones has a very personal feel that’s almost like family. And we’re very proud of that.

Phone: (805) 593-0103
Efc Energy Solutions Inc.
Address: 872 Higuera Street

Hydrogen will play a major role in the new energy structure of the future and our number 1 target is to use the right mix of technologies to achieve Zero emissions. Hydrogen is available in abundance throughout the world and we want to enable the new hydrogen economy to flourish, and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment of the future.

Here at EFC energy solutions, we construct complete energy systems, using renewable sources and combine a range of technologies personalised to our customers.

We work with combinations of batteries, super caps, fuel cells, electrolysers and heat exchangers to create a bespoke and highly efficient all-in-one Clean Tech energy system. This combined technology will help us reach our goals and significantly improve the energy structure of the future.

Phone: (805) 806-5573
Eighty20 Group
Address: 569 Higuera Street

A full service real estate brokerage located in the heart of Downtown San Luis Obispo.
Eighty20 Group is a collaboration amongst the brightest, high-level agents in San Luis Obispo County, leveraging our collective industry intelligence to optimize every opportunity for our clients.

Phone: (805) 439-3927
Address: 560 Higuera Street Suite F
Phone: (805) 544-5486
EnVision Optometry
Address: 1245 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 542-0700
Epiphany of SLO LLC
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 101
Phone: (805) 439-1218
Address: 560 Higuera Street Suite H
Phone: (805) 540-0636
Address: 872 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 423-4236
Eureka! San Luis Obispo
Address: 1141 Chorro Street

All-American scratch kitchen & craft bar specializing in gourmet burgers where guests discover a local blend of America's best.

Phone: (805) 903-1141
Address: 887 Higuera Street

Shop Express now for the hottest jeans, dress pants, dresses, outerwear and more!

Phone: (805) 546-0784
F.McLintock’s Saloon
Address: 686 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

F.McLintocks restaurants serve ranch-style meals with genuine Western hospitality at four locations along the Central Coast of California.

Phone: (805) 773-1892
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Fanny Wrappers
Address: 799 Higuera Street

Women's lingerie, clothing, and accessories.

Phone: (805) 543-0185
Address: 948 Santa Rosa Street
Phone: (805) 544-0862
FedEx Office
Address: 1127 Chorro Street

FedEx Corporation provides customers and businesses worldwide with a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business services. With annual revenues of $43 billion, the company offers integrated business applications through operating companies competing collectively and managed collaboratively, under the respected FedEx brand. Consistently ranked among the world's most admired and trusted employers, FedEx inspires its more than 300,000 team members to remain "absolutely, positively" focused on safety, the highest ethical and professional standards and the needs of their customers and communities.

Phone: (805) 543-3363
Address: 264 Daly Avenue
Phone: (805) 543-8389
Finders Keepers
Address: 1124 Garden Street

Finders Keepers Consignment is a fabulous upscale consignment store nestled in charming, historical downtown San Luis Obispo. This location is midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the beautiful Central Coast.This amazing consignment boutique brings together the best of both worlds by featuring designer fashions in all the latest styles at unbelievable prices. Women of discerning taste shop the unique and ever-changing inventory at prices that keep them coming back. Only the best of the best is offered at this cut-above consignment boutique and includes designer jeans, shoes, handbags and custom jewelry created by local artists. Some of the many labels we feature include:

Chanel – Gucci – Prada – Louis Vuitton – Michael Kors – Manola Blahnik – Celine – Tods – Twelfth Street – Nanette Lepore – Alberto Fermani – Max Mara – True Religion – Juicy – Marc Jacobs – Eileen Fisher – Donna Karan – Chole’ – Tylie

These unique attributes set Finders Keepers Consignment apart from other consignment shops and make it a must visit destination whether you are living or vacationing on the Central Coast of California or shopping online from the comfort of your home.

The staff at Finders Keepers Consignment look forward to assisting you with fashion choices that will complement your wardrobe.

Phone: (805) 545-9879
Finney’s Crafthouse
Address: 857 Monterey Street

Located in Westlake Village, Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo, California. Finney’s is a family owned and operated restaurant and bar that brings upscale cooking to casual dining. Our local, seasonal ingredients are the soul of our culinary inspired American fare.

Phone: (805) 542-0105
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Firestone Grill
Address: 1001 Higuera Street Suite A

Located in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, Firestone Grill has been providing its customers with the best possible product at the best possible price since 1995.

Phone: (805) 783-1001
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Flour House SLO
Address: 690 Higuera Street

Flour House specializes in Pizza Napoletana & House-Made Pasta, bringing Italy's obsession with simplicity, craft and quality to the central coast

Phone: (805) 544-5282
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Founders Community Bank
Address: 237 Higuera Street

A division of Premier Valley Banking

Phone: (805) 547-2595
Francesca’s Collections
Address: 874 Monterey Street Suite B-104

It all started back in 1999 when we opened our first boutique in Houston, Texas and filled it with a winsome collection of hand-picked merchandise. Women everywhere instantly fell in love with us – so much so that we now have over 700+ boutiques in 48 states across the country (and counting!). We also launched our online boutique,, so you can shop, surf, or play whenever it strikes your fancy.

Our boutiques offer an eclectic mix of carefully-curated clothing, bright baubles, bold accessories, and playful gifts that are as fun to give as they are to receive. Boutiques reveal an array of new arrivals almost daily, so you’ll always discover something special and amazing on every visit. And because we are a boutique, we only carry a few of each item, so everything you find is uniquely yours. You can kiss seeing your outfit twin at the party goodbye!

Make sure to look in every nook and cranny, because around every corner, francesca's® is brimming with treasures that are sure to become favorite pieces in your collection. Happy shopping!

Phone: (805) 593-0125
Fraser Seiple Architects
Address: 971 Osos Street

Fraser Seiple Architects is a full service architectural firm practicing throughout the state of California and internationally. The firm's experience extends across a wide variety of project types and client types, ranging from private residences through large institutional facilities. Founded in 1987, Fraser Seiple Architects is located in the historic Andrews Bank Building in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

Fraser Seiple Architects adheres to the American Institute of Architects' professional Code of Ethics and operational formats. All work is approached with an orientation to careful management, technical competence, and design excellence. Completed projects have received awards and recognition at the local, state, and national level.

Phone: (805) 544-6161
Fremont Theater
Address: 1035 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

The Fremont Theater, nestled in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, has brought the best in entertainment for over 75 years!

Phone: (805) 544-4444
French Quarter
Address: 969 Monterey Street

Women's clothing store

Phone: (805) 544-1415
Garcia Architecture + Design
Address: 1308 Monterey Street Suite 230

Founded in 1998, garcia architecture + design is a multidisciplinary design firm consisting of architects, engineers, artists, craftsmen, sculptors, painters, musicians, and design instructors. Our design philosophy embraces architecture as art, and as such, requires us to raise the level of design to beyond that of the mere pragmatic.

We view each project as an opportunity to create a practical work of art. We call upon all our sensory resources, our formal training, and our practical experiences, in order to create new and innovative solutions to our clients needs. We constantly challenge each other, our clients, and ourselves to produce projects of the highest standard.

We love to problem solve through good design. It's what we were born to do. It's what keeps us in the studio until all hours of the night, striving to achieve that perfect solution; to resolve a detail; to explore one more alternative; to make sure all options have been order to exceed our client's expectations.

We feel it is a privilege to work with our clients to help them realize their dreams, their goals, their vision. We ensure that every client feels involved with the entire design process. Experience has taught us that healthy architect-client dialog not only creates successful projects, but fosters long-term client relationships as well. Because successful projects are not measured by the accolades of our peers, but by the satisfaction of our clients.

Phone: (805) 783-1880
Garden Street Goldsmiths
Address: 1114 & 1118 Garden Street

Full Service and Family Run
-Wide Selection
- Jewelry And Watch Repair
-Full Custom Design And Creation
-Consignment Sales

Phone: (805) 543-8186
Garden Street Inn
Address: 1212 Garden Street

"Lovely", "Quaint", "Relaxing", "fun", "Close to home feel", are just some of the words found rolling off the tongues of our guests when they experience what we have here to offer you at the Garden Street Inn. We are a mixture of Old world Luxury and Elegance mixed with initiative modern hospitality that will leave one "Feeling so renewed and refreshed". Our staff will accommodate you in such a way you will "Never want to leave!" You will enjoy hand cooked breakfasts and lively downtown atmosphere that will leave you Booking with us time and time again. Our historic home will transport you into a lovely Dream you wont ever want to awake from! Come book with us today!!!

Phone: (805) 545-9802
Gene Francis Gallery
Address: 1120 Garden Street

Gene can be seen painting his next original, in the window light of his gallery
on Garden Street, in San Luis Obispo California.

Original paintings, as well as archival quality giclée prints are available
for purchase at the Gene Francis Gallery.

Phone: (805) 545-7902
Giuseppe’s Cucina Rustica
Address: 849 Monterey Street

In 1988, Giuseppe DiFronzo breathed life into the original Giuseppe's Cucina in Pismo Beach. What started as a

Cal Poly senior project has since spawned a second restaurant, located in thriving downtown San Luis Obispo. Much beloved by locals and travelers alike, Giuseppe's was an early adopter of the farm-to-fork philosophy.

The owner's own DiFronzo Farms produces the heirloom varietal vegetables and fruits found in Giuseppe's cuisine. Nestled on twelve acres of fertile Edna Valley soil, the working farm is a mecca of heirloom bounty. From figs to olives; San Marzano tomatoes, squash, Hachiya persimmons, Meyer lemons and five grape varietals that produce Giuseppe's own DiFronzo Vineyards brand wines, the evidence of quality is never more apparent than at first bite, sip and scent!

Phone: (805) 541-9922
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Granada Hotel & Bistro
Address: 1130 Morro Street

Housed within an original 1920′s exposed-brick hotel building, the hotel offers 17 accommodations, a full-serviced restaurant, spa, and the city’s first rooftop lounge.
The heart and inspiration for Granada is the beloved and pre-existing Granada Bistro. This space has been renovated and re-imagined in industrial chic design, serving farm-to-table dishes inspired by Spanish, Cuban, and South American cuisine.

Phone: (805) 544-9100
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Grapevine MSP Technology Services
Address: 1241 Garden Street

Grapevine MSP specializes in a variety of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses and their owners in Bakersfield. We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with high quality service and support. Our unique IT team is incredibly friendly and can help you every step of the way in growing your business.

Phone: (805) 540-2410
Growing Grounds Downtown
Address: 956 Chorro Street

For top-quality garden and vegetable plants as well as succulents, air plants and trending houseplants, visit our retail store in downtown San Luis Obispo. The wide selection of native, drought tolerant plants are grown at Growing Grounds Farms in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria.

The store also carries essentials such Botanical Interests organic seeds, bees wax candles,cool pottery, macrame hangers and fair trade gift items.
Most importantly our store provides work opportunities and training for people dealing with mental health issues, particularly those who would like experience in retail and with the public.

Phone: (805) 544-4967
Guaranteed Rate Inc.
Address: 1065 Higuera Street Suite 100

Purchasing a home is a big deal, whether it’s your first home or fifth move. We get it. That’s why we built a mortgage company that places you and your needs at the center of everything we do.

Our Promise
Low, low rates and the ultimate in technology, service and advice. Our founder, Victor Ciardelli, designed Guaranteed Rate's revolutionary, market-disrupting model to do just that:

Give you a low, low rate on the right mortgage product, along with transparent, fair fees.
Leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline the mortgage process and simplify every step.
Provide unmatched service and expert advice to help you find the perfect mortgage.

Phone: (805) 335-8743
Gulfstream Financial Group LLC
Address: 1135 Santa Rosa Street Suite 220

Established in January 2010, Gulfstream Financial Group, LLC is based in San Luis Obispo, CA and is responsible for underwriting and closing logistics for new loan acquisition opportunities.

Phone: (805) 543-9200
H & M
Address: 886 Monterey Street Suite C101

Clothing store

Phone: (805) 858-9227
H&Co Hair Lounge
Address: 774 Marsh Street Suite 110
Phone: (805) 268-9722
Habitat Home & Garden
Address: 777 Marsh Street

Habitat Home & Garden showroom is located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA. We import thousands of unique pieces from around the world and carry a variety of unique furnishings and one-of-a-kind treasures that are sure to accentuate any decor.

Phone: (805) 541-4275
Hands Gallery
Address: 777 Higuera Street

Hands Gallery is located on California’s beautiful and historic central coast in the town of San Luis Obispo. Hands Gallery has been offering local residents and visitors the very best selection of fine contemporary crafts and one-of-a-kind gifts for over 20 years. We are proud to showcase the work of talented local artists such as Lisa Leonard, Gwynnie B, Phoebe Palmer, and Meg Johnson. We also represent national artists such as Sticks, Dogeared Jewelry, Brian Andres, and Waxing Poetic in a stimulating and friendly environment.

Phone: (805) 543-1921
Hazlett Investment Services
Address: 734 Pacific Street

At Securities America, we focus on helping financial professionals create a more effective, profitable and satisfying practice by providing exceptional financial counsel, product offerings and service to their clients.

Phone: (805) 541-6674
Healing Hands Caregiving Inc.
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 102
Phone: (805) 235-2335
Hemp Shak
Address: 781 Higuera Street

Hemp & Eco-Friendly Clothing & Accessories: CBD, Local Art, Records & îUnique Hand-Made Items.

Phone: (805) 543-0760
HepKat Clothing & Beauty Parlor
Address: 785 Higuera Street

Vintage Inspired Women’s Boutique & Beauty Parlor.

Phone: (805) 547-0777
High Bar
Address: 877 Palm Street

Head to the rooftop at Hotel SLO for sips and small plates amidst lush planted greenery, with stellar views over the rolling hills. If you’re more in the mood for action than lounging, gather some friends for a round of bocce.

Phone: (805) 235-0700
Hotel Cerro
Address: 1125 Garden Street

Hotel Cerro San Luis Obispo is situated on Garden Street, in the vibrant heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, just steps from SLO’s famous Thursday night Farmers Market and the historic 1772 Mission de Tolosa. Neighboring bistros, al fresco cafes and unique independent stores and galleries make this an ideal destination for relaxation and fun.

Cultural, Casual, Historical; San Luis Obispo is surrounded by vineyards, rolling hills and ocean providing boundless recreational activities. Hotel Cerro features 65 luxurious rooms and suites have views of downtown, surrounding mountains and the hotel’s edible gardens. Guests will also enjoy a Brasserie restaurant, a full-service spa, gym, a rooftop pool and bar as well as private party and meeting facilities for up to 60 guests. Visitors will have the perfect base for capturing the vibe of downtown and easy access to explore the beautiful Central Coast of California.

Phone: (805) 548-1000
Hotel San Luis Obispo
Address: 877 Palm Street

Hotel San Luis Obispo is nestled in San Luis Obispo’s vibrant downtown, just a block from the historic Mission and steps from restaurants and premier shopping. Hotel San Luis Obispo will be the perfect home base for visitors to explore area attractions and enjoy a relaxed retreat. With 78 luxurious rooms and suites showcasing views of the surrounding mountains and hotel gardens, the hotel is an ideal location for couples and families alike. Hotel amenities include two on–site restaurants, a full service spa, garden courtyard, pool, gym and social event and meeting facilities for up to 200 guests.

Phone: (805) 235-0700
HumanKind Fair Trade
Address: 982 Monterey Street

HumanKind Fair Trade is a non-profit organization and retail shop that carries handmade crafts from artisans in developing countries. Our product lines include clothing, jewelry, home goods and gifts. It is our mission to support skilled artisans around the world by paying fair wages and ensuring sustainable income to provide for their families.

Phone: (805) 594-1220
Ike’s Love & Sandwiches
Address: 1028 Chorro Street

Ike’s Place first opened its door on Halloween of 2007. The man behind the sandwich, Ike Shehadeh, always puts his customers happiness first. That is what sets Ike’s Place aside from the rest. When you come to Ike’s Place it is our goal to make you feel like the unique individual that you are. If that isn’t enough to set us aside, did I mention that the bread is baked fresh to order? And our soon to be patented “Ike’s Dirty Secret Sauce” is spread on every sandwich and baked right in the bread, and another layer is spread on afterwards to give it that extra flavor. Mmmmm… are you hungry yet?

Phone: (805) 439-0269
Address: 890 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Jamba Juice started out in San Luis Obispo, CA in 1990 as a little juice shop with a big idea: that eating better should be easy. For nearly 30 years, Jamba Juice has led the way in creating and defining the smoothie and juice category as we know it. As of 2019, Jamba has more than 850 locations operating in 36 U.S. states, as well as the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Indonesia.

Phone: (805) 549-0733
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Japanese Restaurant Goshi
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 155

Welcome to Japanese Restaurant Goshi. We are serving authentic Japanese cuisines like sushi, sashimi, teishoku and more in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Phone: (805) 543-8942
Address: 1288 Morro Street Suite 110
Phone: (805) 549-0380
Address: 793 Higuera Street Suite 15
Phone: (805) 783-7014
Jim Burrows Landscape Architecture
Address: 979 Osos Street Suite B6
Phone: (805) 439-3209
John A. Freeman D.D.S. M.S.D. Inc.
Address: 1288 Morro Street Suite 110
Phone: (805) 547-7080
Joliene Bakery
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 180

A european style bakery serving up artisan breads, pastries, sandwiches, sweets, coffee and espresso in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo.

Phone: (831) 334-4318
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JP Design
Address: 971 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 544-6161
JSJ Hair Design
Address: 774 Marsh Street Suite 120

At JSJ Hair Design we believe in enhancing the natural beauty of our clients by creating an end result that represents their individuality and stays true to the vision they had for their hair.

Phone: (805) 268-9642
Just Looking Gallery
Address: 746 Higuera Street Suite 1

n September of 1984, Just Looking Gallery opened in the Mission Mall in downtown San Luis Obispo. Since then, the gallery has established itself as one of the premier galleries in the country, featuring a range of artists.

Phone: (805) 541-6663
K G M Construction
Address: 1023 Nipomo Street Suite 200

KGM Construction has been building quality projects in a variety of fields since 1984. Our 30 years of success has been made possible by committing ourselves to our clientele. KGM Construction owner Mike Morain began his work on residential homes in 1976 as a carpenter. What began as a job to support himself quickly became a passion. Superior construction has been KGM Construction's expertise from the day Mike Morain started the business.

Phone: (805) 434-0282
Address: 734 Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 543-5905
Address: 800 Palm Street Suite A
Phone: (805) 704-2477
Address: 867 Pacific Sreet Suite 230
Phone: (805) 440-7523
Address: 1106 Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 546-9500
Kin Coffee Bar
Address: 847 Higuera Street

Coffee bar and bakery

Phone: (805) 439-4136
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Address: 697 Higuera Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 459-2136
Address: 998 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 783-1135
Address: 730 Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 541-8602
Kreuzberg Coffee Company
Address: 685 Higuera Street

We are restaurant in downtown SLO that serves specialty coffee, food, beer and cocktails. Lounge with full liquor open Thursday-Saturday.

Phone: (805) 439-2060
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Address: 1035 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 867-3007
Address: 1049 Nipomo Street
Phone: (805) 439-4289
Address: 1137 Garden Street
Phone: (805) 548-1750
Address: 1042 Pacific Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 781-2778
Address: 793 Higuera Street Suite 8
Phone: (805) 305-3339
Address: 981 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 549-9876
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 180
Phone: (714) 321-1219
Address: 715 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 439-4900
Address: 867 Pacific Street Suite 120
Phone: (805) 540-5240
Address: 1234 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 548-2337
Address: 561 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 546-8225
Address: 669 Pacific Street Suite F
Phone: (805) 781-6006
Linnaea’s Cafe
Address: 1110 Garden Street

Good people making good coffee.
Organic & fair trade.
Vegetarian breakfast and lunch
Free WiFi, live music, art gallery.

Phone: (805) 541-5888
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Address: 746 Higuera Street Suite 4
Phone: (805) 439-1188
Address: 979 Osos Street Suite A2
Phone: (805) 544-6615
Louisa’s Place
Address: 964 Higuera Street

We serve breakfast and lunch all day. We are a small diner in downtown slo we have been there since 1976. We are open 365 days a year!!

Phone: (805) 541-0227
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Address: 1021 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 762-4747
Address: 864 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 787-0877
Address: 840 Monterey Street Suite B101
Phone: (805) 786-4681
Luna Red
Address: 1023 Chorro Street

Featuring global cuisine, an artisanal marketplace, craft cocktails, and an award-winning wine list.

Phone: (805) 540-5243
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Address: 1070 Court Street Suite 207
Phone: (805) 543-2723
Address: 874 Monterey Street Suite C102
Phone: (805) 593-0169
Address: 1042 Pacific Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 543-6963
Address: 970 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 548-1880
Mama’s Meatball
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 130-135

Mama’s Meatball offers authentic, homemade Italian dining & catering with slow-simmered sauces & fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in San Luis Obispo, CA!

Phone: (805) 544-0861
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Address: 1016 Morro Street
Phone: (805) 543-6446
Address: 844 Monterey Street Suite B-102
Phone: (805) 752-1373
Address: 698 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 788-0888
Address: 600 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 544-0268
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 201
Phone: (805) 543-1801
Address: 868 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 439-5055
Address: 815 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 594-1500
Address: 858 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 592-3200
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 205
Phone: (805) 549-0400
Address: 719 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-5770
Address: 1033 Chorro Street Floor 1
Phone: (805) 710-0770
Address: 668 Marsh Street Suite 4
Phone: (626) 355-1972
Mint + Craft
Address: 848 Monterey Street

Nestled in downtown San Luis Obispo just steps away from the iconic Mission de Tolosa, Mint+Craft serves as a fast-casual café and mercantile. Open for breakfast, lunch + dinner, guests can enjoy quick flavorful meals and beverages. The mercantile boasts over 300 products from over 60 artisans, plus Grab + Go items such as fresh-baked goods, deli items and beer + wine.

Phone: (805) 235-7140
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Address: 682 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 543-2131
Address: 751 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 781-8220
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 105

The term Mistura condenses the essence of Peru, a reflection of their people and the country’s cuisine, a marvelous mix of cultures of invaluable heritage. Our Mistura is a modern Peruvian restaurant that is as dynamic as the country it celebrates and its biodiversity. Mistura captures the multicultural spirit of Peru, blending its Native Pre-Columbian and Incan gastronomic heritage with the Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese influences that embody the country’s vibrant cuisine. Mistura is a true homage to the diversity of Peruvian food by proposing flavors that are at once familiar yet adventurous and unexpected.

Phone: (805) 305-0718
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Address: 102 Cross Street Suite 120
Phone: (805) 544-6193
Address: 1075 Court Street, Suite 130
Phone: (805) 752-1118
Address: 1100 Monterey Street Suite 200
Phone: (805) 542-9700
Address: 750 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 439-2022
Address: 837 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 541-1995
Address: 725 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-8733
Address: 746 Higuera Street Suite 2
Phone: (805) 541-1118
Address: 672 Higuera Street Suite 310
Phone: (805) 748-3693
Address: 942 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 592-2450
Address: 1010 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 546-8208
Nite Creamery
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 103

Handmade Nitrogen Ice Cream

Phone: (805) 867-3007
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Address: 684 Higuera Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 541-9004
Address: 726 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-3986
Address: 560 Higuera Street Suite A
Phone: (805) 541-6500
Address: 746 Higuera Street Suite 3
Phone: (805) 752-1222
Address: 1011 Pacific Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 285-5330
Address: 761 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 543-6019
Old San Luis BBQ Co.
Address: 670 Higuera Street Suite B

Old San Luis BBQ Company is the new local spot to be! Come order at our walk-up window, with outdoor seating on a nice day and indoor dining as well. Old San Luis BBQ Company specializes in authentic Santa Maria style cuisine and many of our family recipes date back nearly a century. All our meat is grilled over a red oak BBQ and our tri-tip is hand-trimmed, certified Angus beef. We use locally farmed, organic vegetables and freshly made local artisan sausages. In addition to tri-tip, chicken, or linguiça sandwiches, we also have salads, delicious side dishes, and family-style meals. Come experience our authentic, affordable, and fresh Santa Maria style BBQ! We also offer fantastic catering services that are sure to make your event extra special.

Phone: (805) 285-2473
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Address: 1021 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 546-9198
Address: 1055 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 541-1417
Address: 569 Higuera Street Suite D
Phone: (805) 541-0553
Ox + Anchor
Address: 877 palm street

Executive Chef Ryan Fancher’s Ox + Anchor puts a modern spin on the classic steakhouse, drawing inspiration from the hills and sea surrounding San Luis Obispo. A carefully-curated list of the best wines from the Central Coast keeps it all rooted in the local “terroir,” from plate to glass.

Phone: (805) 234-9968
Address: 1231 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 544-3434
Address: 1144 Morro Street
Phone: (805) 762-4734
Address: 1001 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 541-9200
Address: 817 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 547-1106
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 203
Phone: (805) 541-9486
Address: 1039 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 709-9910
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 211
Phone: (805) 543-2288
Address: 575 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 439-3445
Address: 968 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 250-1111
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 549-9593
Address: 965 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 786-4420
Address: 659 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-9911
Address: 990 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 543-3591
Address: 877 Palm Street

Gather at Piadina restaurant for relaxed farm fresh California cuisine with Italian influences. Piadina offers creative cocktails, local wines and craft beer. Enjoy a meal in our lively dining room or garden courtyard.

Phone: (805) 234-9969
Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 120
Phone: (805) 783-2434
Address: 1041 Chorro Street Suite 230
Phone: (805) 544-7774
Address: 1060 Court Street
Phone: (805) 595-1407
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 205
Phone: (805) 541-9700
Address: 1005 Court Street Suite 210
Phone: (805) 214-4730
Address: 1042 Pacific Street Suite F
Phone: (805) 546-0290
Address: 525 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 215-4668
Address: 685 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 704-5844
Address: 864 Osos Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 544-4422
Address: 793 Higuera Street Suite 7
Phone: (805) 543-4899
Address: 743 Pacific Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 541-2003
Address: 699 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-7632
Address: 848 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-2221
Address: 718 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 547-0662
Address: 785 Marsh Street Suite A
Phone: (805) 295-9352
Address: 868 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-4008
Address: 1301 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 544-3900
Address: 3523 S. Higuera Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 541-3320
Address: 569 Higuera Street Suite D
Phone: (805) 541-0553
Address: 1112 Garden Street
Phone: (805) 543-2060
Address: 668 Marsh Street Suite 203
Phone: (561) 703-3412
Address: 1100 Monterey Street Suite 210
Phone: (805) 542-9700
Address: 1204 Nipomo Street
Phone: (805) 541-3444
Address: 1023 Nipomo Street Suite 110
Phone: (805) 439-2997
Address: 1042 Walnut Street
Phone: (805) 781-7142
Address: 895 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 781-2670
Address: 995 Palm Street
Phone: (805) 781-5991
Address: 1043 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 543-1013
Address: 1010 Broad Street
Phone: (805) 543-8562
San Luis Taqueria
Address: 1032 Chorro Street

Tex-Mex restaurant

Phone: (805) 439-2866
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Address: 586 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 543-2417
Address: 1050 Monterey Street Suite 228
Phone: (805) 602-0897
Scout Coffee Co.
Address: 1130 Garden Street Suite 100

Scout Coffee, creating happy coffee time since January of 2014. The combination of scratch made pastries, craft roasted coffee, and curated goods in a creative space makes stepping into Scout a memorable and magical experience.

Phone: (805) 439-2175
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Address: 570 Higuera Street Suite 135
Phone: (805) 242-6588
Address: 964 Chorro Street Suite 2
Phone: (805) 210-8687
Address: 531 Marsh Street Suite A
Phone: (805) 594-1050
Address: 1133 Garden Street Suite A

We're California natives passionate about bringing healthy and Nutritional trends to the central coast. At Seeds, Making healthy items that taste, feel, and look great is our definition of a healthy lifestyle. We learned from the creativity that has been emerging from culinary capitals such as Los Angeles & San Francisco and brought the best of both worlds to one place. We put together a one of a kind menu to entice anyone's taste buds.

Phone: (805) 787-0517
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Address: 1090 Court Street Suite 205
Phone: (805) 783-2200
Sequoia Sandwich Company
Address: 893 Higuera Street

Sandwiches and Salads

Phone: (805) 439-3976
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Address: 951 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 546-8706
Address: 722 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 439-3330
Address: 1050 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 546-9900
Address: 1023 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 543-2348
Address: 837 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 541-1190
Sidecar SLO
Address: 1040 Broad Street

Our foremost commitment is to bring thoughtfully-sourced craft food and drinks from every corner of California to each plate and glass, in a low-waste environment with the spirit of love for what we do and pride in how we do it. The menu celebrates the abundance of our state, and the talent of our staff. Sourcing within California is an environmental choice and it also means working with people locally doing exciting things all over our great state!

Phone: (805) 540-5340
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Address: 999 Monterey Street Suite 350
Phone: (805) 548-0602
Address: 940 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 548-2292
Address: 835 Aerovista Place Suite 230
Website: slo
Phone: (805) 543-1843
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 206
Phone: (805) 452-1413
Address: 781 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 439-1244
Address: 1220 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 543-5839
Address: 847 Monterey Street Suite 211
Phone: (805) 886-1404
Address: 1020 Court Street
Phone: (805) 543-7933
Address: 795 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 781-9604
Address: 1124 Nipomo Street Suite C
Phone: (805) 710-9184
Address: 672 Higuera Street Suite 200
Phone: (805) 598-7100
Address: 710 Higuera Street Suite 1
Phone: (805) 543-8336
Address: 1135 Santa Rosa Street Suite 100
Phone: (805) 542-0033
Address: 885 Higuera Suite C

Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit -- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time

Phone: (805) 547-0465
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Address: 846 Higuera Street Suite 4
Phone: (925) 639-8676
Address: 888 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 544-3326
Address: 569 Higuera Street Suite A
Phone: (805) 595-1962
Address: 999 Monterey Street Suite 360
Phone: (805) 783-2921
Address: 762 Higuera Street Suite 212
Phone: (805) 541-3848
Address: 697 Higuera Street Suite E
Phone: (805) 235-1096
Address: 1019 Morro St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 752-1200
Address: 883 Higuera C-1
Phone: (805) 783-0544
Address: 1065 Higuera Street Suite 200
Phone: (805) 781-6160
Address: 1023 Marsh Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 543-6943
Address: 872 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 550-6381
Address: 850 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 784-0462
Address: 1035 Palm Street Room 385
Address: 1118 Chorro Street
Phone: (805) 369-1666
Address: 1068 Pacific Street
Phone: (805) 260-1555
Address: 728 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 439-4511
Address: 745 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 544-7387
Address: 668 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 543-6662
Address: 539 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 541-1010
Address: 777 Mutsuhito Avenue
Phone: (805) 782-0969
Address: 751 Marsh Street Suite 200
Phone: (805) 439-3353
Address: 1011 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-2025
Address: 1015 Court Street
Phone: (805) 594-1744
Address: 741 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 541-5131
The Carrisa by SLO Brew
Address: 736 Higuera Street

Coastal California fusion with Mexican highlights/upscale street food and Asian influences. Your neighborhood hangout! Come vibe with us and join #thecarissalife

Phone: (805) 543-1843
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Address: 1075 Court Street Suite 205
Phone: (805) 441-0253
Address: 716 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 548-1858
Address: 728 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 595-3764
Address: 845 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 234-2103
Address: 740 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 544-1088
Address: 839 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 542-0105
Address: 870 Monterey Street
Phone: (805) 439-0123
Address: 723 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 542-0199
Address: 673 Higuera Street
Phone: (805) 439-4400
Address: 667 Marsh Street Suite D
Phone: (805) 543-1676
Address: 664 Marsh Street
Phone: (805) 704-2626
Address: 1027 Marsh Street Suite B
Phone: (805) 543-4025
Address: 583 Marsh Street