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Carol A. Yoder, LMFT
Address: 867 Pacific Street, Suite 220

Carol believes that in relationships – small changes can make a big difference. Carol believes you know yourself better than any other person in the world and at times may realize the need for professional insights to grow in some challenging areas. Instead of repeating the same unsuccessful relationship patterns over and over, small changes may allow for valuable growth.

Phone: (805) 365-6633
David C. Lichti, LMFT
Address: 793 Higuera Street, Suite 6

Making professional counseling services afford-ably available to individuals, couples, children and families, throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Phone: (805) 602-6814
Julie Messer, MA, LMFT
Address: 697 Higuera St. Suite D

Whether you are struggling with relationships, tackling your own personal demons, or just have absolutely no idea why you’re not feeling like your normal self anymore, therapy can help you explore underlying issues, work towards solutions, and help get you back on track.

No matter how much friends and family love us, at times they can inadvertently pass judgments or express biased opinions towards our affairs. This can leave us feeling hurt and confused after having sought their counsel; thus the reason for therapy with a trained professional. Someone unbiased that we can team up with to overcome old patterns, heal from pain, mend our struggling relationships, or just improve overall emotional insight and learn how to live life to the fullest. Sounds great, right?!

Phone: (805) 503-8193
June E Kramer, M.D.
Address: 743 Pacific Street, Suite A

You may be considering therapy. Therapy can be an experience of healing and growth. I listen carefully and deeply to you and together we create a safe space for exploring your inner world. Being human is often difficult and we sometimes bring with us old patterns that no longer serve us well. The experience of the presence of a trusted person, who is attuned and receptive, brings with it the possibility of a more compassionate, deeper, understanding of yourself. Internal capacities whose development were interfered with can now develop.

My extensive training in psychotherapy and over 30 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist bring a depth of knowledge to helping you. I have a deep conviction that people can change and grow, and have witnessed such change many times. I am trained as a psychoanalyst as well as a psychiatrist and listen from multiple vantage points. As a psychiatrist, I am able to look for the possibility of a biologic process underlying present difficulties and can prescribe medication if this is needed.

Phone: (805) 545-0725
Ken M Loya, L M F T
Address: 697 Higuera Street, Suite I

I work with a variety of individuals with many different needs. I have successfully helped patients suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and social inhibitions, including loneliness, isolation, and sexual dysfunction. I also work with those hoping to get to know themselves better in order to improve relationships, increase productivity at work, and find greater satisfaction in their free time. My areas of expertise include work with adolescents, group psychotherapy, trauma, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Throughout my practice, I use evidence-based approaches that emphasize increased self-awareness, expanded personal freedom, and improved social life. I frame my practice with a psychoanalytic orientation tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Research shows that psychoanalytic therapy has long standing benefits compared to other treatment orientations.

One of the goals in treatment is to live in the present. The realization and shedding of the weight of encumbrances from the past leads to the ability to change the present, resulting in a lessening of symptoms and improvement in one’s life.

Phone: (805) 918-6391
Address: 867 Pacific Sreet Suite 230
Phone: (805) 440-7523
Leah DeRose, LMFT
Address: 1026 Palm Street, Suite 215

As therapists, the heart of our work centers around helping support you to identify negative, self-defeating beliefs and to help you develop skills to work through challenging life situations. By working collaboratively with you, together we can determine the most effective approach to treatment.

We are accepting new clients and offering teletherapy sessions during COVID-19.

Phone: (805) 242-1375
Lisa Connely, LMFT
Address: 569 Higuera Street, Suite D

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 82950) in San Luis Obispo, CA. I have experience working alongside individuals, adolescents, families and couples as they discover how to relate to themselves and to others. I believe our relationship with ourselves, past, present and future, informs how we relate with others. In this way, honoring your authentic self, is the cornerstone of forming healthy and whole relationships. Psychotherapy is a tool using a supportive and safe dialogue to bring about healing and change which enables you to discover yourself and yourself in relationship.

In my practice I use an integrative theoretical approach to accompany you on your journey with various issues including: anxiety, feelings of disconnection, isolation, marital issues, family relationships, developmental stages, and life transitions.

Phone: 8055502918
Mindful Heart Counseling Center
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 202

The heart of our work is to help you to explore your inner emotional experience, identify negative, self-defeating beliefs, learn skills that will help you to respond, rather than react, to life situations and find true happiness and contentment with your life and your relationships.

We offer a safe, supportive environment and a warm, compassionate, open-minded approach. Exploring your life together is a sacred space and we feel truly honored to guide you in this process.

Our time together provides the support and guidance to develop greater self-awareness, inner resources such as self-compassion and coping skills and more conscious, close, connected, relationships.

Phone: (805) 835-1222
Monica Serrao Kim, LMFT
Address: 641 Higuera Street Suite 202

Monica’s private practice is located in downtown San Luis Obispo. She brings a diverse background to the central coast and specializes in treating anxiety, depression, grief/loss, substance abuse and addictions, and physical and sexual trauma. Monica also has a particular interest in supporting women’s mental health issues related to family planning, difficulty conceiving and infertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. She holds a BA in Human Communication from Arizona State University and a MA in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute. She also has experience collaborating with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, probation departments, domestic violence shelters, and the Los Angeles school district. Before becoming a licensed therapist, Monica worked for ten years at multiple investment management companies in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Phone: (805) 242-8434
Address: 569 Higuera Street Suite D
Phone: (805) 541-0553
Russell E. Gordon LMFT
Address: 569 Higuera Street

Marriage and Family Counseling

Phone: 805-704-2199
Sara Robinow L.M.F.T.
Address: 1042 Pacific St., Suite E

I fell in love with San Luis Obispo as a student at Cal Poly, and decided to establish my practice here to give back to the community that has welcomed me. Growing up in Hawaii, I learned to embrace and respect our cultural differences. I recognize that, given the right context, everyone has internal strengths and resources that can be accessed in therapy.

Therapy is a collaborative process. My role is to guide you through your self discovery as you find the strength you already possess. This journey is not always linear. I employ an eclectic style of therapy to suit each client’s needs and personality. I take a non-judgmental, caring, and direct approach to facilitating therapy. My philosophy is that we can all be the best versions of ourselves and that happiness is within our grasp.

I have been in practice since 2015. I have experience working with children, teens and adults, with struggles ranging from anxiety and depression to relationship troubles to phase of life issues. I am currently accepting new clients who are motivated to gain insight and are seeking to create change.

Phone: 805-316-0243