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Ashley Ludaescher Photography
Address: 793 Higuera Street Suite 5
Phone: (805) 748-5823
Address: 1009 Morro Street Suite 204 ownes: 895 Monterey 1009 Morro & Others
Phone: (805) 541-0178
Cormant Inc.
Address: 669 Pacific Street Suite D
Phone: (805) 747-4178
CoVelop Inc.
Address: 1135 Santa Rosa Street Suite 210
Phone: (805) 781-3133
Efc Energy Solutions Inc.
Address: 872 Higuera Street

Hydrogen will play a major role in the new energy structure of the future and our number 1 target is to use the right mix of technologies to achieve Zero emissions. Hydrogen is available in abundance throughout the world and we want to enable the new hydrogen economy to flourish, and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment of the future.

Here at EFC energy solutions, we construct complete energy systems, using renewable sources and combine a range of technologies personalised to our customers.

We work with combinations of batteries, super caps, fuel cells, electrolysers and heat exchangers to create a bespoke and highly efficient all-in-one Clean Tech energy system. This combined technology will help us reach our goals and significantly improve the energy structure of the future.

Phone: (805) 806-5573
Address: 948 Santa Rosa Street
Phone: (805) 544-0862
Address: 793 Higuera Street Suite 15
Phone: (805) 783-7014
Address: 981 Osos Street
Phone: (805) 549-9876
Address: 669 Pacific Street Suite F
Phone: (805) 781-6006
Address: 672 Higuera Street Suite 310
Phone: (805) 748-3693