Our downtown merchants have shown true grace and resilience through these challenging times and we are so grateful for them! We encourage our Downtown businesses to join us on the 3rd Monday of each month at 10am via Zoom as we discuss response & recovery efforts with key stakeholders such as City and County officials.

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Access previous meeting recordings here.

For the most up to date City and County Business resources, we encourage our businesses to visit www.readyslo.org

Reminder to Food & Drink Industry:

In the PURPLE AND RED tiers, bars are not allowed to be open. Bars that want to operate under these tiers must follow restaurant guidelines:

-Meals must be served with all alcohol purchases

-To-Go drinks are possible but they cannot be consumed on the premises (including sidewalk dining and parklets) and cannot be consumed in the public (open container ordinance)

-All other COVID, City and ABAC regulations apply. 

Standard City Rules/Regulations/Requirements (in addition to above):

-There are no City restrictions of the kitchen/non-alcohol operations, meaning businesses can operate 24/7 for takeout.

-Alcohol service is limited to 11PM citywide unless the business has a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or other approval.

-Any outdoor operations in the ROW (anything with an encroachment permit, sidewalk dining, parklets etc.) have to stop by 10PM.

-For private patios and outdoor spaces, the standard cut off time is 11PM. However, there are two exceptions (based on CUP) from 9PM up to a cease of service at 1:30AM and closure at 2AM.

-For operations in private parking lots that is happening due to COVID, 11PM is the standard closing.

-All operations are subject to the Noise Ordinance.

For more information on what is open, Click Here