Open SLO Program

Open SLO is a new pilot program operated by the City of San Luis Obispo.

This program was approved by City Council in May of 2020 and will be in place for up to one year.

Downtown Dining Parklets

Enjoy dining at one of our downtown restaurant parklets! Don’t see your favorite restaurant on the list? They may still be operating for take-out, delivery, or have a patio! For a full list of outdoor dining options downtown, click HERE

Downtown Dine Out

The City of San Luis Obispo has set up several tables and chairs (with appropriate social distancing measures) throughout Mission Plaza surrounded by beautifully donated trees and shrubs from Farm Supply Company. We encourage you to grab a meal from a downtown restaurant and pull up a seat to enjoy some fresh air. Need to just take a minute to rest? Feel free to do that too!

Where can I Park?

For more information on parking downtown, please visit

Why Open SLO?

This program allows for the expanded use of city streets and public spaces to help support the economic recovery of local businesses and provide additional opportunities for responsible physical distancing within our community.

How does Open SLO work?

Open SLO includes a variety of strategies, including temporary street closures within the downtown to allow local restaurants and retailers to expand their footprints into the street, use of Mission Plaza and other city-owned spaces for take-out dining downtown, addition of parklets to expand sidewalk space, and other quick-build strategies to improve safety and access for residents jogging, bicycling and strolling in their neighborhoods. Open SLO activities are an inclusive environment and ALL community members are welcome.

When and Where is Open SLO?

With Governor Newsom’s order requiring the immediate closure of several types of indoor business activities, including indoor dining, the City is immediately shifting attention and resources to refine the Open SLO program to better serve the impacted businesses. The key changes are summarized as follows:

  • Rapid Installation of Temporary Parklets. The City is focusing immediate resources on rapid installation of temporary parklets using water-filled barricades and other materials to allow interested businesses to immediately expand operations into the adjacent parking lane on a daily basis with approval of a no-fee encroachment permit. Contact the Open SLO team at if you are interested in a temporary parklet. (Example Photo)
  • Continuing Deployment of More Permanent Parklets. The City will continue installation of more permanent parklets as funds allow. In addition, if your business is interested in designing and installing your own parklet, the City is happy to help facilitate this. Contact them at for more details.
  • Open SLO Street Closures On Hold.
  • Open SLO weekend street closures on Higuera Street and the upper block of Monterey Street (Morro to Osos) are on indefinite hold. This will allow the City to refocus resources on rapid parklet deployment. Staff will conduct more outreach to downtown businesses in the future to gauge level of support before continuing the weekend road closures.
  • The block of Monterey Street closest to Mission Plaza (Chorro to Morro Streets) will be closed to car traffic in one direction only (eastbound only) for the foreseeable future, allowing for outdoor dining on half the street, while preserving traffic circulation, commercial and passenger loading on the opposite side of the street.
  • Resources for Businesses Outside of the Downtown. Expansion of restaurant service and other business activities into private parking lots is already approved by the City and business owners are encouraged to work directly with property owners/managers to obtain permission to move forward. Here is a link to additional information on using private parking lots. For questions about the use of private parking lots, please contact Lee Johnson via email at

For more information on Open SLO or if you are interested in a parklet, please visit www.openslo.orgor email with any questions.

Which stores & restaurants are participating?

It varies by the week! Your best bet is to hop on your bike, ride the bus, take the dog for a walk, or use the free parking and explore your options!

For more information on the Open SLO program,

please visit