PBID Timeline and Milestones          

Date Status
City Approves Grant to DSLO to contract with PUMA Associates (Consultant) to conduct Feasibility Study July 2017 Complete
First PUMA Site Visit and Stakeholder Interviews November 2017 Complete
Online Survey of 300+ Property/Business Owners January-February 2018 Complete
Second PUMA Site Visit January 2018 Complete
City Provides Letter with Base Level of Services to be Augmented by PBID February 2018 Complete
Third PUMA Site Visit & Downtown SLO Board Retreat March 2018 Complete
First Draft of Management Plan Complete May 2018 Complete
Leadership Transition at Downtown SLO May 2018 Complete
Steering Committee Field Trip to Ventura & Old Pasadena September 2018 Complete
Quote from Block By Block Ambassador Subcontractor Secured January 2019 Complete
Stakeholder Information Sessions January 2019 Complete
City Council Study Session March 2019 Complete
Petition Drive March – June 2019 In Process
Property Owners Vote June – July 2019 Pending
City Council Hearing to Form PBID July 2019 Pending
DSLO Lays Groundwork for PBID Work to Begin
– Board of Directors Elected
– Budget Finalized
– Contract with Block By Block Subcontractor Negotiated
August – October 2019 Pending
PBID Programs Launch
– Block by Block Ambassadors Provide 300+ hours of service per week- Beautification and Placemaking Efforts Begin
January 2020 Pending