Design Committee

The Design Committee meets every third Tuesday of each month at 8 AM in the Downtown Association office. The purpose of this committee is to develop guidelines and programs for the enhancement of Downtown, to maintain pre-established beautification programs, and handle issues related toward the maintenance of a clean, safe, and beautiful Downtown district. The Design committee also works to promote public art in the Downtown.

Economic Activities Committee

The Economic Activities Committee meets every third Thursday of each month at 9 AM in the Downtown Association office. The most recently formed committee (est. 1998), the Economic Activities Committee was established to oversee matters of economic interest that affect Downtown. Issues such as business retention and attraction, clustering, retail space availability, economic forecast, franchising and others are discussed and implemented. The committee works with the Economic Development Manager at the City of San Luis Obispo to formulate strategies for the economic viability of Downtown. The Economic Activities Committee also oversees the ongoing compliance with the Strategic Operating Plan for Downtown.

Food, Beverage & Services Committee

The Food, Beverage & Services Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month at 11 AM in the Downtown Association office. The Food, Beverage & Services (FBS) Committee was formed to support City and Downtown Association objectives of providing a safe, attractive and vibrant evening economy in Downtown SLO, reducing issues associated with alcohol outlets and encourage a more inviting nighttime economy. FBS is comprised of stakeholders including restaurant, bar and business owners who hold licenses to sell and/or serve alcoholic beverages as well as other persons whose products or services that have an affiliation with the safety and well-being of Downtown including but not limited to public services such as restrooms, security and waste disposal, persons involved in the entertainment industry or in the beverage sales industry, representatives of city agencies including administration, public works and police and representatives of neighborhood and student organizations.

Parking & Access Committee

The Parking & Access Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month at 9 AM in the Downtown Association office. The purpose of the Parking & Access Committee is to develop a comprehensive parking plan for the Downtown Association district to include financial implications, member participation and relationships with other agencies. The Downtown Association parking program also develops a merchant education program and analyzes and recommends to the Downtown Association Board all issues relating to parking and transportation in the Downtown Association district.

Promotions Committee

Mission Statement: To provide a broad range of promotional events and activities to attract people to the Downtown core, to provide businesses with promotional opportunities, to retain a favorable business atmosphere and to raise funds for the Downtown Association operations.

This committee oversees the Concerts in the Plaza summer concert series, Thursday Night Promotions Special Events throughout the year,  a comprehensive Holiday program including the Holiday Parade, Santa’s House and the Classic Carousel in Mission Plaza.  The Promotions Committee meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 9 AM in the Downtown Association office.

Thursday Night Promotions (TNP) Committee

The purpose of Thursday Night Promotions is to promote business in the Downtown core. The event is organized by, administered by, and paid for by the Downtown Association. The Downtown Association is an advisory body to the City Council and is created and operated under state and local laws. The Downtown Association administers Thursday Night Promotions in order to:

  • create a positive image of Downtown San Luis Obispo
  • expose community members to retail stores and services offered in Downtown
  • generate foot traffic on Thursday nights
  • provide a forum for community activities
  • maintain the Downtown as the center of retail, social, and civic activities enhance the community as a whole

The purpose of the TNP Committee is to develop a comprehensive schedule for promotional activities which are part of the weekly event; develop promotional activities designed to enhance retail trade and traffic during the event; coordinate weekly events including entertainment, space allocations, janitorial maintenance, street closure procedures, and special activity supervision.  Further, the TNP committee establishes rules and regulations for the event, reviewed as determined necessary, supervises finances relating to the event, coordinates an information booth during the event, and works in conjunction with the promotions committee to enhance the Downtown Association district.  The Thursday Night Promotions (TNP) Committee meets the second  Wednesday of each month at 8 AM in the Downtown Association office.


San Luis Obispo Downtown Association

1108 Garden Street, Suite 210
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 541-0286
Fax: (805) 781-2647

(805) 458-5153

Old SLO Trolley

Trolley service is provided from both of the parking structures and at convenient locations within the Downtown core approximately every 15 minutes. The fare is 50 cents. Hours of operation are:

  • Thursdays - 5 PM to 9 PM - Year Round
  • Fridays - 5 PM to 9 PM - June-Labor Day
  • Saturday - 5 PM to 9 PM - April - October

Click here for the Trolley and City bus schedule.