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Downtown Business Spotlight – Marty Imes Consulting

“Not just better leaders, but better people.” That’s how Marty Imes describes the end-goal for his eponymous consulting and business coaching business, which he launched last fall. Marty Imes Consulting helps small to medium sized companies establish positive, people-centric work environments and embrace organic, authentic work culture. Imes believes that this can be leveraged into better business, happier employees, and thriving neighborhoods. For Imes, a positive working culture compliments– and leads to– better business: it’s a win-win. Imes explains: “It’s about connecting people, helping businesses grow and thrive [so that] team members have the opportunity to earn better wages and live more fulfilling lives, which in turn acts as a catalyst for more vibrant communities.” Imes knows what he’s talking about, since the family company he worked for after college, Advantage Answering, was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Best Small Companies to Work for” in 2014. Appropriately, Imes is housed in the SLO Hot House, the Cal Poly business incubator where entrepreneurs are “taking bold action to make their dreams happen.” Imes is currently writing a how-to book for new managers and business leaders that teaches fundamental people-centric tools not taught in business school, coming out in about 18 months. His one free piece of advice to our readers? “Develop a very clear vision of where you want to go as a business, and use that vision to align the efforts of the members of your teams and recruit great people.” Check for speaking engagements and book release information!

Marty Imes Consulting 

Marty Imes, Owner
Located in the SLO Hot House at 872 Higuera Street
(805) 316-4625