Clean and Safe Program

Ambassador Hotline: (805) 250-6467

Downtown SLO AmbassadorsOur Downtown Ambassadors work together with the San Luis Obispo Police Department to make sure our Downtown community is safe, clean, and hospitable to visitors. The Ambassadors welcome tourists to the area, establish and maintain relationships with local businesses and shopkeepers, provide necessary services and interact with the unhoused community as needed, remove graffiti & litter, and serve as a representative of Downtown SLO, among other duties. An ambassador will likely be the first point of contact for many situations and the ideal result of that interaction will be a positive outcome for all parties. Downtown Ambassadors are dressed in grey shirts with the Downtown SLO logo on them. 

When to call a Downtown Ambassador

We are here to serve you! Downtown SLO prioritizes keeping our community safe, clean, and hospitable to visitors. Our goal is to create a vibrant Downtown.

If you are a downtown business owner, please reach out to our Ambassadors if you need any assistance.

Services available at no charge include:

  • Removing graffiti
  • Sidewalk gum removal
  • Cleaning up trash from sidewalks and gutters
  • Removing weeds from sidewalks and streets
  • Cleaning public trash cans
  • Cleaning public benches
  • Cleaning messes

Additionally, if there’s a situation you aren’t sure how to handle, our Ambassadors may be able to point you in the right direction.

Ambassadors are available via voice or text at (805) 250-6467.

Clean & Safe Impact At-A-Glance

July 2020 – June 2021 Stats

Trash removed
2,170 lbs

Graffiti Removed

Stickers Removed

Benches Cleaned

Tree Grates Cleaned

Cans Cleaned

Gum Removed

Calls to Dispatch

Directions Given

Business Information Shared

Downtown SLO AmbassadorsGraffiti Watch & Trespassing

Help to maintain the beauty of our historic Downtown area. To report graffiti on City property or on private property that hasn’t been removed within 72 hours:

To help San Luis Obispo Police Department enforce trespassing laws, Downtown property owners are encouraged to submit a Standard 602 Form.

This form is intended to provide the City of San Luis Obispo and its representatives, permission to enforce trespassing laws within and upon your private property. This authorization form is valid for six (6) months from the signature date. Once complete, you may email it to the address on the form, fax it to 805-781-7324, bring it to the Police Department directly, or mail it to the address on the form.
Photos courtesy of New Times SLO.