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Downtown SLO Committees

Interested in joining a committee or being part of the conversation? Send us an email at

Active Committees

Events & Fundraising

The Events & Fundraising committee evaluates and discusses events and placemaking activities downtown and designs ways to invite contributions and resources to improve those activities. This group meets quarterly.

Parking & Access

The Parking & Access Committee reviews parking changes. This includes topics such as parking rates, parking signage, downtown customer and employee parking programs, communication strategies, and more.  The purpose of the committee is to advocate for parking and access opportunities for all users of the downtown. This group meets every other month.

Downtown Environment

Downtown Environment Committee members come together to address ways to keep the downtown environment clean, safe and attractive. This group discusses topics such as beautification efforts, general cleanliness, major construction projects, nightlife, crime prevention, and homelessness. This group meets quarterly.

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