About Downtown SLO

Downtown SLO is a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit founded in 1975 whose mission is to foster an economically vibrant Downtown. Our organization is made up of the fee-paying businesses who operate within our boundaries, voluntary members, and our civic collaborators, including nonprofit organizations, residents, and visitors to our Downtown. We have a robust partnership with the City of San Luis Obispo, and we advocate to the City on behalf of our membership as well as participate in City processes to ensure our Downtown is positioned as vital to our City, County and regional economy and identity.

Downtown SLO Values

  • We help people and business grow and thrive
  • We foster a feeling of belonging
  • We create community
  • We like to bring people together
  • We celebrate diversity
  • We practice optimism
  • We are resilient
  • We actively promote a walkable, bikeable, accessible community
  • We cultivate sustainability
  • We value the outdoors and respect our natural environment
  • We believe that a thriving economy depends on authentic connection

Downtown SLO is governed by a Board of Directors which is elected by the membership each March. Board members take office in April and may serve up to two consecutive two-year terms. The Board appoints three designated members representing voluntary member businesses in the district from financial, non-profit, and higher education sectors. The Board also appoints one non-voting media representative. The four appointed terms do not have term limits. All Board members must also serve on at least one of the Downtown SLO advisory committees. The Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 a.m. in the Downtown SLO conference room.

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