Metro Brewing Co.

Downtown Business Spotlight – Metro Brewing Company

It’s apparent when walking into Metro Brewing Company that owner Rai Reynolds is a native Chicagoan. At first it’s the obvious skyline logo that greets patrons and affirms this isn’t just a Central Coast, beach-and-rolling hills kind of place. Then there’s the sleek interior, all glass and metal with a 217 gallon brewing vat taking center stage behind the bar. The menu features classic, quintessential gastropub fare, like chicken and waffles, tater tots, and dirty fries: beer-battered fries covered in chili con carne and slathered with a melted pub cheddar sauce (!). Then you get to the beer, which is just as flavorful and diverse as Rai’s big city roots, offering several of their own craft brews and guest cider. But that doesn’t mean to say that Metro and Underground (Metro’s downstairs bar, which hosts comedy shows, television screenings, and live music) don’t fit in with their California counterparts: quite the opposite. In fact, with roots in Santa Cruz and Colorado, Head Brewer Eric Brown is a new transplant who has fully embraced the SLO life. Apprenticed at Rock Bottom Brewery, Brown admits that the Downtown brewing community is growing, and that while competition is present, everyone is willing to help one another out, an observation more aligned with the tight-knit Central Coast community than that of an uber-competitive big city. In that spirit, the philosophy of the brewery is one of inclusion, and kinship. The guiding principles of Underground are what Rai called the “3 C’s: Craft, Compassion, and Creativity”, or simply, honoring one’s craft, living with compassion, and thinking innovatively. Rai states: “Come in here, hang out. Have a good time. We’re all equal…there’s no differentiation between black, white, gay, straight….And that’s what important to [me] and what I’m doing here.” The beer’s good, too. All are welcome to visit Underground Brewing Company at 1040 Broad Street, right by the creek.

Metro Brewing Company & Underground Brewing Company
Rai Reynolds, Owner
1040 Broad Street
(805) 439-4200