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Enjoy eclectic art at Hands Gallery as Sara Vaskov celebrates two years of ownership. After managing the gallery for fourteen years, becoming owner was a seamless transition: Vaskov had been a constant presence and ensured there were no major changes as she took charge. Vaskov grew up here in sunny San Luis Obispo. She remembers Downtown as a smaller, more intimate place, constantly running into familiar faces as she walked down Higuera. “With all of the growth Downtown has experienced, it’s surreal to now own a Downtown business,” she said. Vaskov fills Hands Gallery with unique products, always searching for one-of-a-kind artists.
The name itself, Hands Gallery, is a nod to the majority of the items’ handmade roots. Some artists come into the gallery to vie for a spot while others are hand picked from craft shows. Vaskov also features many local artists, including an artist from Atascadero who creates gorgeous hand-painted signs. Though she concedes to customer favorites, Vaskov is most excited to bring new artists into the gallery. When searching for new artists, she works to avoid any sort of trend, searching for unusual but gallery-appropriate styles. Vaskov hopes to find items customers wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else and loves to see what new pieces customers find interesting. Vaskov also takes great pride in the organization of the gallery, explaining that placement is everything. She works hard to ensure art is rotated around and new window displays are revealed each month. With a smorgasbord of interesting finds, there is no doubt you’ll find something to fall in love with at Hands Gallery. Find Hands Gallery at 777 Higuera Street, open Monday-Wednesday 10 AM-6 PM, Thursday 10 AM-9 PM, Friday and Saturday 10 AM-8 PM, and Sunday 11 AM-5 PM, or visit them online at handsgallery.com.

Hands Gallery
Sara Vaskov, Owner
777 Higuera Street

Kat Thompson
Author: Kat Thompson