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The Battenburgs are heavily invested in the community: SLO natives for 29 years, Miranda (pictured) is a Cal Poly alumnus, and husband John has been a professor of English at the University for nearly three decades. What better way to honor the place you call home than to change your business name to reflect it? On March 29, Powell’s Sweet Shoppe adopted the new name SLO Sweets.

Despite the name change, SLO Sweets largely remains the same. The store continues to carry a large international section and celebrate unique and hard to find candies, like Violet Crumble, which comes all the way from Australia.

The gelato case, which takes center stage at the entry of the shop, continues to carry the oft-requested local fave Leo Leo gelato, from Paso Robles. And, customer service and special requests still remain the core of their business model: Miranda makes sure that all request are funneled back to her so she can place a special order, begin carrying a particular item, or discontinue something that customers no longer want. Says Miranda, “We are constantly changing and updating based on customer feedback.”

That sentiment bodes well for the expansive selection in the 1,800 square foot store. The popular bulk section alone carries over 300 items; in total, SLO Sweets carries around 1,400 items, a phenomenal variety of treats to satiate your sweet tooth… and the Battenburgs are adding more. With the name change and anniversary, Miranda and John began offering authentic, freshly made Belgian Liege waffles, an expanded sugar-free and organic section, and subscriptions to the new Sweet of the Month club. (For $35 per month including shipping, subscribers can get 6 to 7 items to try, all bundled in a monthly theme. You can sign up on their website.)

Of course, to be excellent purveyors of fine candy and chocolate, SLO Sweets employees need to sample all the new goodies in the store. Shares Miranda: “The staff needs to be knowledgeable…plus, it’s fun.” Fun indeed: there’s a reel of the classic 1971 movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory playing in the back, to be enjoyed in three movie-theater seats with your classic assortment of theater chocolates like Swedish Fish, Whoppers, Reese’s Pieces, and more within reach. Miranda sums up the sentiment of the shop: “This is a destination to make memories…it’s a happy place to be and to work. We love being a part of the memories that people are making with their family and friends, and we hope to continue doing that. It’s very gratifying.” To make your own memories, with a touch of nostalgia and a sugar rush, visit SLO Sweets at 1020 Court Street.

SLO Sweets
Miranda and John Battenburg, Owners
1020 Court Street
(805) 543-7933
Facebook @SLOSweets

Kat Thompson
Author: Kat Thompson