Mike’s Barber Shop

Mike’s Barber Shop
Business: Mike’s Barber Shop

Mike’s Barber Shop in SLO is one of four locations in the San Luis Obispo area, joining a Mike’s in downtown Morro Bay and Pismo, as well as Tiny Mike’s in North Morro Bay. The barbers work independently as their own business at each location, providing traditional haircuts and barbering.

This San Luis Obispo barber shop is located above the BarrelHouse Speakeasy which takes patrons back to the prohibition era with a 1920’s theme.

Mike’s caters to people of all ages. From regular gentleman haircuts, medium haircuts, flat tops, buzz cuts, mohawks, fohawks to military fades. Inquire about Hot towel shaves! Mike’s is an authentic, traditional barber shop, located in the heart of San Luis Obispo by the mission.

Address: 1033 Chorro Street Floor 1
Phone: (805) 710-0770