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2022 Downtown Street Improvement Project

SLO in Motion

In addition to local roadway sealing, new accessible on-street parking spaces will be provided throughout the project area to provide improved access to parking for those with mobility challenges. Crosswalks throughout the project area will be restriped with high-visibility “ladder style markings” to improve visibility of crossing pedestrians.

Marsh & Higuera Streets

Consistent with the Downtown Concept Plan and Active Transportation Plan, the 2022 Paving Project will extend the two vehicle lane configuration on Marsh Street in order to reduce illegal speeding and provide more street width for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, as well as existing and future parklets and sidewalk widening. These modifications will retain sufficient auto traffic capacity to accommodate existing and future auto demand, while preserving width for more significant future improvements, such as sidewalk widening. This project will make the existing buffered bike lane on Higuera Street, originally installed as a pilot project, a permanent installation with addition of continuous green coloring, while physically protected bike lanes will be installed on Marsh Street.  Any parklet installations that are approved to remain as part of a Permanent City Parklet Program will be protected in place to the maximum extent feasible during construction. Finally, a new pedestrian crossing phase is proposed for the north leg of the signalized Marsh/Santa Rosa intersection.

For more details about the construction planned for this fall, please visit the project page on the City’s website, subscribe to their weekly SLO in Motion email updates at, and contact the City with any questions at  or via phone at 805-783-7887.

2022 Street Improvement Project