Become a Vendor:

Who Is Eligible To Apply: 

  • BIA - A business within the pre-defined Downtown SLO BIA boundaries. BIA members are automatically approved and given priority consideration in all categories.

  • BBQ - Operates an open flame BBQ at The Market.

  • Cal Poly Clubs & Organizations - click here.

  • Craft/Artisan - Makes their product. (ex: artist) Resale/thrifting/vintage apparel/items do not qualify for this. 

  • Entertainment - Entertainment at the market (ex: musician) (see bottom of the page for more information)

  • Farmer - Holds a Certified Producer Certificate 

  • Food Artisan - Makes their food or beverages in a commercial kitchen or holds a Cottage Food Permit. Food or beverages are pre-packed and sold as a take-home item.

  • Hot/Cold Food - Prepares food or drink for onsite consumption. 

  • Information/Commercial - Generates leads or distributes information about their business at The Market. (ex: real estate agency)

  • Non-Profit - Has a 501 (c) designation.

  • Novelty/Service - Provides a service or activity at The Market with a set price. (ex: face painting)

  • Political Organization- Has a political filing disclosure form or primary purpose of booth is for political purposes.

  • Retailer - Has a brick and mortar offering resale items for purchase (ex: clothing store). Thrifting/Vintage/Direct to consumer companies do not qualify.

At this time, we are not accepting applications from the following vendor categories:

  • Food Trucks/Trailers
  • Food Carts
  • Resellers
  • Non-certified Farmers
  • Vendors offering age-restricted products (ex: alcohol, tobacco, CBD)

At this time, vendors offering the following items will be placed on our waitlist due to the maximum capacity of similar products currently in our market. If space becomes available for the product they are selling, their application will be reviewed at that time. 

  • Candles
  • Jewelry
  • Macrame Items
  • Bath & Body Items
  • Wellness Items
  • Crochet Items
  • Plants

*Downtown BIA Members in good standing are exempt from this list unless selling age-restricted products.

Permits & Licenses Required:

*These are not required to apply but will be required to participate if you are approved.

Required for all Vendors, including entertainment, at The Market:

  1. Certificate of Insurance

Additional Requirements for all vendors selling food:

  1. City of SLO Business License

  2. County of SLO Multi-Event Temporary Permit

  3. Operate, partner with, or rent a commercially licensed kitchen or hold a Cottage Food Permit

  4. SLO Fire Department Event Self-Inspection

Additional Requirements for all vendors selling Retail/Art/Craft:

  1. City of SLO Business License

  2. Seller’s Permit

Additional Requirements for all Political Organizations:

  1. City of SLO Business License

  2. Political Filing Disclosure Form

Additional Requirements for all Non-Profits:

  1. EIN or declaration letter

Additional Requirements for vendors selling plants:

  1. Nursery License


Vendor Rates:  

General Vendors:

Vendor Category Weekly Rate
BBQ A minimum rate of $250. Additional space is $0.75 per sqft.
Craft/Artisan $45
Entertainment $20
Farmer 7% + $2 CDFA fee
Food Artisan $45
Information $100
Non-Profit $45
Novelty $45
Political $150
Prepared Meal $150
Retailer $100


BIA Members:

Vendor Category Weekly Rate
BBQ A minimum rate of $250. Additional space is $0.75 per sqft.
Craft/Art $45
Food Artisan $45
Information $55
Non-Profit $45
Novelty $45
Prepared Meal $80
Retailer $55

How to Apply:

Applications require a non-refundable $40 fee paid annually by new and approved vendors. The application fee is waived for BIA members.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Applying does not guarantee approval. 
  • Applying does not guarantee all your products will be approved to sell.
  • Eligible Downtown BIA members receive priority consideration when applying. 
  • You do not need to have a storefront or be located in San Luis Obispo to apply.
  • Priority consideration is given to businesses located within San Luis Obispo County when reviewing applications.

Tips for applying:

  • Use a computer to apply.
  • Photos of your booth set up, and product offering will be required. Be prepared!
  • Don't forget to click save as you move through the application.
  • Applying does not guarantee you will be approved. Downtown SLO will review your application within one to two business weeks and will email you with an update.
  • Be as detailed as possible! The application is what we will use to review and only the information included will be considered for approval or denial.

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Questions? Contact us.


If you have a family-friendly performance that can be performed throughout the evening from 6 PM to 9 PM, you might be an excellent fit for our market!

The market is an excellent opportunity for entertainers to access thousands of people in a three-hour window! Our entertainers are encouraged to collect tips and market themselves to network for future gigs!

As a market entertainer, you will have a dedicated space to play amplified music or perform your act. You will be advertised on our website, social media and discussed during our weekly radio show across four local radio channels.