History Center Self Guided Walking Tour of Mission Plaza and the Vigilantes of 1858

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Dates and Times for this Past Event

  • Monday, Apr 5, 2021  10:01pm
  • Sunday, Apr 4, 2021  10:01pm
  • Saturday, Apr 3, 2021  10:01pm
  • Friday, Apr 2, 2021  10:01pm
  • Thursday, Apr 1, 2021  10:01pm
  • Wednesday, Mar 31, 2021  10:01pm
  • Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021  10:01pm
  • Monday, Mar 29, 2021  10:01pm
  • Sunday, Mar 28, 2021  10:01pm
  • Saturday, Mar 27, 2021  10:01pm
  • Friday, Mar 26, 2021  10:01pm
  • Thursday, Mar 25, 2021  10:01pm


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The History Center is providing to the public a self-guided walking tour of Mission Plaza, highlighting five sites between our Museum and the front of the Mission tell the story of the 1858 Vigilantes. There are printed copies of the Tour in a box in front of the Museum, explaining the story about how seven Californio men were hanged without a trial in May and June of that year. Visitors can find the signs and use their cellphone cameras to scan a QR Code to read the story online, or go to Historycenterslo.org/Lecture to get the entire story.