What's Your Wish? - Downtown SLO's Community Art Project

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Date and Time for this Past Event

  • Thu, Jan 14, 2021 - Thu, Feb 18, 2021  -12:11pm All Day


Share your wishes, hopes and dreams for 2021 with Downtown SLO's Community Art Project, the Intention Initiative. Write, illustrate, and share your wishes and deposit them in the box in Mission Plaza. Selected wishes will be displayed and exhibited in the windows of Downtown SLO at 1135 Chorro.

You are invited to participate in this community art project by sharing your wishes, goals, and intentions for the new year. 

1. Pick up a postcard in Mission Plaza or at Downtown SLO at 1135 Chorro.

2. Share your wish.

3. Drop in the box in Mission Plaza or in the mail.


Be Creative - let the postcard be your canvas.

Be Kind - please no swearing or hate speech.

You may sign your wish...or remain anonymous!

You may also submit your wishes online and our volunteer artists may create postcards with your wish.

Submit Your Wish Here