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Ken M Loya, L M F T

Category Counseling


697 Higuera Street
Suite I
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 918-6391

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I work with a variety of individuals with many different needs. I have successfully helped patients suffering from addiction, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and social inhibitions, including loneliness, isolation, and sexual dysfunction. I also work with those hoping to get to know themselves better in order to improve relationships, increase productivity at work, and find greater satisfaction in their free time. My areas of expertise include work with adolescents, group psychotherapy, trauma, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Throughout my practice, I use evidence-based approaches that emphasize increased self-awareness, expanded personal freedom, and improved social life. I frame my practice with a psychoanalytic orientation tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Research shows that psychoanalytic therapy has long standing benefits compared to other treatment orientations.

One of the goals in treatment is to live in the present. The realization and shedding of the weight of encumbrances from the past leads to the ability to change the present, resulting in a lessening of symptoms and improvement in one's life.

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