Camille Hoffman: Storied Waters: Dreams of Bayanihan

Artist Camille Hoffman’s family ancestry is rooted in the Philippines, and her practice throughout her career has involved a reconsidering of misplaced personal and collective narratives in the wake of colonialism. This sculpture features the silhouettes of historic photos of Filipinxs of California and honors laborers, past, present, and future. This Bayanihan (Bayan coming from the Filipinx root word “nation”, is the spirit of community, unity, and cooperation) so deeply connected to our corner of the Central Coast, is foundational to the American story. This sculpture pays tribute to the stories and waters that connect us all.

This public art piece can be found on SLOMA’s Mission Plaza lawn from June 2022 to June 2023. It changes throughout the day based on environmental conditions such as light, wind, and clouds. Ideal viewing takes place at sunset.